Man pages for dygraphs
Interface to 'Dygraphs' Interactive Time Series Charting Library

dyAnnotationAnnotation for dygraph chart
dyAxisdygraph axis
dyCallbacksCallbacks for dygraph events
dyCrosshairThe dyCrosshair plugin draws a crosshair line over the point...
dyCSSCSS for dygraph labels and legend
dyDataHandlerInclude a dygraph data handler
dyDependencyAdd external assets as a dygraph dependency
dyEventdygraph event line
dygraphdygraph interactive plot for time series data
dygraphs-exportsdygraph exported operators and S3 methods
dygraph-shinyShiny bindings for dygraph
dyGroupdygraph series group
dyHighlightdygraph series mouse-over highlighting
dyLegenddygraph legend
dyLimitdygraph limit line
dyOptionsdygraph options
dyPlotterInclude a dygraph plotter
dyPluginInclude a dygraph plugin
dyRangeSelectordygraph interactive range selection and zooming
dyRebaseRebase data handler for straw broom charts with Dygraph
dyRibbondyRibbon plugin adds a horizontal band of colors that runs...
dyRollerdygraph rolling average period text box
dySeriesdygraph data series
dySeriesDataAdd series data to dygraph
dyShadingdygraph region shading
dyUnzoomThe dyUnzoom plugin adds an "Unzoom" button to the graph when...
PlottersEmploy a dygraph plotter on a series, a group of series, or...
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