Man pages for dynaTree
Dynamic Trees for Learning and Design

alcX.dynaTreeCalculate the ALC or predictive entropy statistic at the X...
deletecloudCopy and Delete C-side Clouds in dynaTree Objects
dynaTreeFitting Dynamic Tree Models
dynaTree-classClass "dynaTree"
dynaTree-internalInternal dynaTree Functions
dynaTree-packageDynamic trees for learning and design
elec2The ELEC2 Data Set
getBFExtract a Path of (log) Bayes Factors
plot.dynaTreePlotting Predictive Distributions of Dynamic Tree models
predict.dynaTreePrediction for Dynamic Tree Models
rejuvenate.dynaTreeRejuvenate particles from the dynaTree posterior
relevance.dynaTreeCalculate relevance statistics for input coordinates
retire.dynaTreeRetire (i.e. remove) data from the a dynaTree model
sens.dynaTreeMonte Carlo Sensitivity Analysis for dynaTree Models
update.dynaTreeUpdating a Dynamic Tree Model With New Data
varpropuseCalculate the proportion of variables used in tree splits,...
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