Man pages for dynamichazard
Dynamic Hazard Models using State Space Models

ddFixedAuxiliary Functions for Fixed Effects
ddhazardFitting Dynamic Hazard Models
ddhazard_appddhazard Demo
ddhazard_bootBootstrap for ddhazard Object
ddhazard_controlAuxiliary for Controlling Dynamic Hazard Models
ddsurvcurveCreate and plot survival curves
get_cloud_meansCompute Mean Estimates from Particle Cloud
get_cloud_quantilesCompute Quantile Estimates from Particle Cloud
get_Q_0Compute Time-Invariant Covariance Matrix
get_risk_objRisk Set on an Equidistant Distant Grid
get_survival_case_weights_and_dataGet data.frame for Discrete Time Survival Models
hatvalues.ddhazardHat Values for ddhazard Object
hdsHard Drive Failures
logLik.ddhazardLog Likelihood of Mean Path of ddhazard Object
logLik.PF_EMApproximate Log-Likelihood from a Particle Filter
PF_controlAuxiliary for Controlling Particle Fitting
PF_EMEM Estimation with Particle Filters and Smoothers
PF_forward_filterForward Particle Filter
plot.ddhazardPlots for ddhazard Object
plot.ddhazard_space_errorsState Space Error Plot
plot.PF_cloudsPlot of Clouds from a PF_clouds Object
plot.PF_EMPlot for a PF_EM Object
predict.ddhazardPredict Method for ddhazard Object
print.ddhazard_bootSummary Statistics for a ddhazard_boot Object
residuals.ddhazardResiduals Method for ddhazard Object
static_glmStatic glm Fit
summary.ddhazardSummarizing Dynamic Hazard Models Fits
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