Man pages for dynutils
Common Functionality for the 'dynverse' Packages

add_classAdd class to object whilst keeping the old classes
all_inCheck whether a vector are all elements of another vector
apply_minmax_scaleApply a nubnax scale.
apply_quantile_scaleApply a quantile scale.
apply_uniform_scaleApply a uniform scale
calculate_distanceCalculate (column-wise) distances/similarity between two...
calculate_meanCalculate a (weighted) mean between vectors or a list of...
check_packagesCheck which packages are installed
deprecatedThese functions will be removed soon
dynutilsCommon functionality for the dynverse packages
expand_matrixExpand a matrix with given rownames and colnames
extend_withExtend an object
extract_row_to_listExtracts one row from a tibble and converts it to a list
has_namesCheck whether an object has certain names
inherit_default_paramsInherit default parameters from a list of super functions
install_packagesCheck package availability
is_boundedCheck whether a value within a certain interval
is_single_numericCheck whether a value is a single numeric
is_sparseCheck if an object is a sparse matrix
list_as_tibbleConvert a list of lists to a tibble
mapdfApply a function to each row of a data frame
project_to_segmentsProject a set of points to to set of segments
random_time_stringGenerate random string
read_h5Read/write R objects to a H5 file.
recent_newsPrint the most recent news
safe_tempdirCreate an empty temporary directory and return its path
scale_minmaxRescale data to a [0, 1] range
scale_quantileCut off outer quantiles and rescale to a [0, 1] range
scale_uniformRescale data to have a certain center and max range.
switch_develSwitching of development stage within the dynverse
test_h5_installationTests whether hdf5 is correctly installed and can load/write...
tibble_as_listConvert a tibble to a list of lists
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