dynutils: Common functionality for the dynverse packages

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Common functionality for the dynverse packages


Provides common functionality for the dynverse packages. dynverse is created to support the development, execution, and benchmarking of trajectory inference methods. For more information, check out dynverse.org.

Manipulation of lists

  • add_class(): Add a class to an object

  • extend_with(): Extend list with more data


  • calculate_distance(): Calculate pairwise distances between two (sparse) matrices

  • calculate_similarity(): Calculate pairwise similarities between two (sparse) matrices

  • calculate_mean(): Calculate a (weighted) mean between vectors or a list of vectors; supports the arithmetic, geometric and harmonic mean

  • project_to_segments(): Project a set of points to to set of segments

Manipulation of matrices

  • expand_matrix(): Add rows and columns to a matrix

Scaling of matrices and vectors

  • scale_uniform(): Rescale data to have a certain center and max range

  • scale_minmax(): Rescale data to a [0, 1] range

  • scale_quantile(): Cut off outer quantiles and rescale to a [0, 1] range

Manipulation of functions

  • inherit_default_params(): Have one function inherit the default parameters from other functions

Manipulation of packages

  • check_packages(): Easily checking whether certain packages are installed

  • install_packages(): Install packages taking into account the remotes of another

Manipulation of vectors

  • random_time_string(): Generates a string very likely to be unique

Tibble helpers

  • list_as_tibble(): Convert a list of lists to a tibble whilst retaining class information

  • tibble_as_list(): Convert a tibble back to a list of lists whilst retaining class information

  • extract_row_to_list(): Extracts one row from a tibble and converts it to a list

  • mapdf(): Apply a function to each row of a data frame

File helpers

  • safe_tempdir(): Create an empty temporary directory and return its path

Assertion helpers

  • %all_in%(): Check whether a vector are all elements of another vector

  • %has_names%(): Check whether an object has certain names

  • is_single_numeric(): Check whether a value is a single numeric

  • is_bounded(): Check whether a value within a certain interval

Package helpers

  • recent_news(): Print the most recent news (assumes NEWS.md file as specified by news())

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