Man pages for eRm
Extended Rasch Modeling

anova.eRmAnalysis of Deviances for Rasch Models
anova.llraAnalysis of Deviance for Linear Logistic Models with Relaxed...
build_WAutomatized Construction of LLRA Design Matrix
collapse_WConvenient Collapsing of LLRA Design Matrix
eRm.dataData for Computing Extended Rasch Models
gofIRTVarious model tests and fit indices
ICInformation criteria
itemfit.pparResiduals, Personfit and Itemfit Statistics
item_infoCalculate Item Information for 'eRm' objects
LLRAFit Linear Logistic Models with Relaxed Assumptions (LLRA)
llraDat1An Artificial LLRA Data Set
llraDat2An Artificial LLRA Data Set
llradat3An Artificial LLRA Data Set
llra.datprepPrepare Data Set for LLRA Analysis
LLTMEstimation of linear logistic test models
LPCMEstimation of linear partial credit models
LRSMEstimation of linear rating scale models
LRtestComputation of Andersen's LR-test.
MLoefMartin-Löf's Likelihood-Ratio-Test
NPtestA Function to Perform Nonparametric Rasch Model Tests
PCMEstimation of partial credit models
PersonMisfitPerson Misfit
person.parameterEstimation of Person Parameters
phi.rangeExample User Function
plotDIFConfidence intervals plot of item parameter estimates.
plotGRPlot Treatment or Covariate Effects for LLRA
plotICCICC Plots
plotINFOPlot Information For "eRm" objects
plotPImapPerson-Item Map
plotPWmapPathway Map
plotTRPlot Trend Effects for LLRA
predict.pparPredict methods
print.eRmMethods for extended Rasch models
RaschSamplerRasch Sampler Package
RMEstimation of Rasch Models
rsamplerSampling Binary Matrices
RSctrControl Object
rsctrlControls for the Sampling Function
rsextrmatExtracting a Matrix
rsextrobjExtracting Encoded Sample Matrices
RSMEstimation of rating scale models
RSmplSample Objects
rstatsCalculating Statistics for the Sampled Matrices
SepRelPerson Separation Reliability
sim.2plSimulation of 2-PL Data
sim.locdepSimulation locally dependent items
sim.raschSimulation of Rasch homogeneous data
sim.xdimSimulation of multidimensional binary data
stepwiseItStepwise item elimination
summary.llraSummarizing Linear Logistic Models with Relaxed Assumptions...
summary.RSctrSummary Method for Control Objects
summary.RSmplSummary Methods for Sample Objects
test_infoCalculate Test Information For 'eRm' objects
thresholdsComputation of item-category treshold parameters.
WaldtestItem-Specific Wald Test
xmplExample Data
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