RSctr: Control Object

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The object of class RSctr represents the control parameter specification for the sampling function rsampler.


A legitimate RSctr object is a list with components


the number of matrices to be sampled to come close to a stationary distribution.


the number of effective matrices, i.e., the number of matrices to be generated by the sampling function rsampler.


controls the number number of void matrices generated in the the burn in process and when effective matrices are generated (see note in rsctrl).


is the indicator for the seed of the random number generator. If the value of seed at equals zero, a seed is generated by the sampling function rsampler


TRUE or FALSE. tfixed = TRUE has no effect if the input matrix is not quadratic, i.e., all matrix elements are considered free (unrestricted). If the input matrix is quadratic, and tfixed = TRUE, the main diagonal of the matrix is considered as fixed.


This object is returned from function rsctrl.


This class has a method for the generic summary function.

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