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eatTools: Miscellaneous Functions for the Analysis of Educational Assessments


The eatTools package provides various groups of functions. The main groups of functions include: transformation of vector types, modification of character variables, descriptive analyses and weighted statistics. The package's purpose is mainly to function as a lightweight dependency for other packages.

Transformation of vector types

The functions asNumericIfPossible and catch_asNumericIfPossible transform character and factor variables to numeric. facToChar transforms factor variables to character. set.col.type allows manually setting the type of multiple variables within a data.frame.

Modification of character variables

Multiple convenience functions exist for modification of character variables: removing certain pattern (removePattern), removing numerics (removeNumeric) and removing non numerics (removeNonNumeric), substituting multiple patterns within a string (gsubAll) and splitting strings into multiple or a fixed number of parts but at specific position (halveString)

Descriptive Statistics

The function descr provides simple descriptive statistics for a data.frame, but in a format especially useful for further automated processing (long format data.frame).

Weighted Statistics

wtdVar provides calculation of weighted variances (this can be done also by the package Hmisc, which has, however, a very high number of dependencies). wtdTable provides a weighted frequency table.

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