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Reshapes an unordered covariance/correlation matrix into triangular shape


Function is mainly used for eatAnalysis::wtdHetcor function from the eatAnalysis package ( and the eatModel::q3FromRes function in the eatModel package: Triangular covariance/correlation matrices are tidily reshaped.


makeTria (dfr)



A data frame consisting of a row name column and a square matrix.


covariance/correlation matrices which are inherently symmetrical are often displayed in a space-saving manner by only showing the upper or lower triangular part, omitting the symmetrical counterpart. In R, covariance/correlation matrices tend to be displayed with their upper and lower halves. Whereas lower.tri and upper.tri allows to replace upper or lower half with NAs, the triangular shape could then be lost if the covariance/correlation matrix was provided in a long format and reshaped afterwards. makeTria sorts rows and colums appropriately to provide triangular shape if redundant entries are replaced by NA. Please note that the functions expects row names in the first column of the input data.frame.


data frame.


dfr <- data.frame ( vars = paste0("var", 2:4), matrix(c(1:3, NA, NA, 5, 4,NA,6),
       nrow=3, ncol=3, dimnames=list(NULL, paste0("var", 1:3))))

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