Man pages for ebirdst
Access and Analyze eBird Status and Trends Data

abundance_paletteeBird Status and Trends color palettes for abundance data
bernoulli_devBernoulli deviance
calc_binsCalculates bins (breaks) based for mapping
calc_effective_extentCalculate and map effective extent of selected centroids
calc_full_extentCalculates spatial extent of non-zero data from Raster*...
compute_ppmsComputes the Predictive Performance Metrics for a...
convert_classesConverts cryptic cover class names to readable land cover...
date_to_st_weekGet the status and trends week that a date falls into
ebirdst'ebirdst': Tools to Load, Map, Plot, and Analyze eBird Status...
ebirdst_downloadDownload eBird Status and Trends Data
ebirdst_extentConstruct a spatiotemporal extent object to subset Status and...
ebirdst_predictorseBird Status and Trends predictors
ebirdst_runsData frame of available eBird Status and Trends species
ebirdst_sampleSpatial grid sampling methods
ebirdst_subsetSubset eBird Status and Trends data spatiotemporally
get_species_pathGet the data package path for a given species
label_raster_stackLabels 52 week RasterStack with the dates for each band
load_configConfig file loader
load_fac_map_parametersLoad full annual cycle map parameters
load_pisLoad predictor importances for single species eBird Status...
load_rasterLoad eBird Status and Trends raster data
load_summaryStixel summary file loader
load_test_dataTest data loader
load_test_predsTest data predictions loader
map_centroidsMap PI centroid locations
parse_raster_datesParses the names attached to a Raster from...
pipePipe operator
plot_all_ppmsPlot all predictive performance metrics
plot_binary_by_timePlot binary occurrence metrics by time
plot_pisPlot predictor importances boxplot
poisson_devPoisson deviance
project_extentTransform a spatiotemporal extent to a different CRS
stixelizeGenerate stixel polygons from PI data
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