ebirdst_predictors: eBird Status and Trends predictors

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A data frame of the predictors used in the eBird Status and Trends models. These include effort variables (e.g. distance travelled, number of observers, etc.) in addition to land and water cover variables. These landcover variables are derived from the MODIS MCD12Q1 500 m landcover product, and for each land cover class two FRAGSTATS metrics are calculated within a 1.5 km buffer around each checklist: % landcover (PLAND) and edge density (ED).




A data frame with 69 rows and 5 columns:


Predictor variable name.


Predictor variable name, tidied to only contain lowercase letters and underscores.


Descriptive labels for predictors for plotting and translating the cryptic variables names (e.g. umd_fs_c1 is Evergreen Needleleaf Forest.


For the land and water cover FRAGSTATS variables, this gives the associated landcover class. It can be used for grouping and summarizing the four FRAGSTATS metrics to the level of the landcover class.


Similar to predictor_label; however, this variable gives the FRAGSTATS metrics a single name for the landcover class.

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