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Gauge Biodiversity Indicator


This function processes ecosystem-change maps from echanges to calculate biodiversity indicators, including ecosystem extent, entropy, fractal dimension, among others. To sample the indicators across fixed-size grids see sampleIndicator.


gaugeIndicator(ps, ..., 
    metric = "area_ha", 
    smp_lsm = list(), 
    mc.cores = round(detectCores() * 
        0.6, 0))



SpatialPolygonsDataFrame or RasterStack. Polygon geometry used to produce ecosystem-change maps via the implementation of echanges or the stack of ecosystem-change maps.


If ps is a polygon then additional arguments in echanges or rsp2ebv.


character. The name of an indicator. Default 'area_ha' computes ecosystem areas (ha) at class level. See the argument 'metric' in list_lsm to implement other metrics.


list. List of arguments in calculate_lsm. This argument is ignored when metric = 'area_ha'.


numeric. The number of cores. Default uses around 60 percent of the cores.


Coordinate reference system of the spatial units must have metric units UTM. Performance in the computation of ecosystem extents is optimized via the implementation of the function tabuleRaster. Indicators other than ecosystem extents are calculated implementing calculate_lsm.


Class Indicator.


Wilson Lara Henao <> [aut, cre], Victor Gutierrez-Velez [aut], Ivan Gonzalez [ctb], Maria C. Londono [ctb]


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## RasterBrick of structural Essential Biodiversity Variables
## covering the extent of a location in the northern Amazon basin
## (Colombia) is imported:
path. <- system.file('amazon.grd',package = 'ecochange')
amazon <- brick(path.)

## Changes in layers of tree-canopy cover (TC) in the 'amazon'
## brick are computed:
def <- echanges(amazon, eco = 'TC',
                change = 'lossyear',
                eco_range = c(1,80),
                get_unaffected = TRUE,
                binary_output = FALSE,
                mc.cores = 2)

## Function 'gaugeIndicator' is used to compute ecosystem areas
## (default):
am_areas <- gaugeIndicator(def,
                           mc.cores = 2)


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