rsp2ebv: Integrate remote sensing products

rsp2ebvR Documentation

Integrate remote sensing products


This function integrates ecosystem remote sensing products and produces raster-data sections with the cell values enclosed in a region of interest.


rsp2ebv(ps = NULL, ..., 
    lyrs = NULL, path, 
    sr, ofr = c(30, 30), 
    mc.cores = round(detectCores() * 
        0.6, 0))



SpatialPolygonsDataFrame; or sf; or character; or NULL. Region of interest. This can be whether 1) a polygon geometry; or 2) the name of a GADM unit (see getGADM); or 3) a NULL value. Default NULL makes the function to print a list of GADM units.


Additional arguments in getGADM and getrsp.


character. Remote-sensing products. Default NULL makes the function to print a list of Downloadable data, see listGP.


character. Path name indicating where the variables are stored. If missing then a folder named as 'ecochange' created in a current temporary directory is used.


character. PROJ.4 description of the target coordinate reference system. If missing then the target layers are projected to metric system UTM.


numeric. c(xres,yres). Output file resolution (in target georeferenced units). Default c(30,30) m2.


numeric. The number of cores. Default uses around 60 percent of the cores.


This function implements 'sf::gdal_utils' so it assumes the user's machine has a valid GDAL installation.


Class echanges.


Wilson Lara Henao <> [aut, cre], Victor Gutierrez-Velez [aut], Ivan Gonzalez [ctb], Maria C. Londono [ctb]


Jetz, W., McGeoch, M. A., Guralnick, R., Ferrier, S., Beck, J., Costello, M. J., ... & Meyer, C. (2019). Essential biodiversity variables for mapping and monitoring species populations. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 3(4), 539-551.

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Skidmore, A. K., & Pettorelli, N. (2015). Agree on biodiversity metrics to track from space: Ecologists and space agencies must forge a global monitoring strategy. Nature, 523(7561), 403-406.


## A Global Surface Water layer ('seasonality') covering the extent of a
## Colombian municipality Cartagena del Chaira is formated into an
## spatial EBV:
        load(system.file('cchaira_roi.RData',package = 'ecochange'))

 rsp_cchaira <- getrsp(cchaira_roi,
   lyrs = 'seasonality', mc.cores = 2, path = tempdir())


 season_cchaira <- rsp2ebv(cchaira_roi,
                               lyrs = 'seasonality', path = tempdir())

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