ecospat.plot.contrib: Plot Variables Contribution

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Plot the contribution of the initial variables to the analysis (i.e. correlation circle). Typically these are the eigen vectors and eigen values in ordinations.





A dataframe of the contribution of each original variable on each axis of the analysis, i.e. the eigen vectors.


A vector of the importance of the axes in the ordination, i.e. a vector of eigen values.


Requires ade4 library. If using princomp , use $loadings and $sdev of the princomp object. if using dudi.pca, use $li and $eig of the dudi.pca object.


Olivier Broennimann


Broennimann, O., M.C. Fitzpatrick, P.B. Pearman, B. Petitpierre, L. Pellissier, N.G. Yoccoz, W. Thuiller, M.J. Fortin, C. Randin, N.E. Zimmermann, C.H. Graham and A. Guisan. 2012. Measuring ecological niche overlap from occurrence and spatial environmental data. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 21, 481-497.

See Also

ecospat.plot.niche.dyn,ecospat.plot.overlap.test, ecospat.niche.similarity.test,princomp

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