Man pages for ecpc
Flexible Co-Data Learning for High-Dimensional Prediction

coef.ecpcObtain coefficients from 'ecpc' object
createConCreate a list of constraints for co-data weight estimation
createGroupsetCreate a group set (groups) of variables
createSCreate a generalised penalty matrix
createZforGroupsetCreate a co-data matrix Z for a group set
createZforSplinesCreate a co-data matrix Z of splines
cv.ecpcCross-validation for 'ecpc'
ecpcFit adaptive multi-group ridge GLM with hypershrinkage
ecpc-packageFlexible Co-Data Learning for High-Dimensional Prediction
hierarchicalLassoFit hierarchical lasso using LOG penalty
obtainHierarchyObtain hierarchy
plot.ecpcPlot an 'ecpc' object
postSelectPerform posterior selection
predict.ecpcPredict for new samples for 'ecpc' object
print.ecpcPrint summary of 'ecpc' object
produceFoldsProduce folds
simDatSimulate data
splitMedianDiscretise continuous data in multiple granularities
visualiseGroupsetVisualise a group set
visualiseGroupsetweightsVisualise estimated group set weights
visualiseGroupweightsVisualise estimated group weights
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