edfReader: edfReader: A package for reading EDF(+) and BDF(+) files

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The edfReader package reads EDF(+) and BDF(+) files in two steps: first the header is read and then the signals (using the header object as an parameter).

edfReader functions

readEdfHeader to read the file header with basic info about the signals
readEdfSignals to read one or more recorded signals

The objects returned by these functions are described in the package vignette.


Package edfReader
Version 1.1.1
Date April 17, 2016
Licence GPL version 3 or newer
GitHub https://github.com/Pisca46/edfReader
Author Jan Vis, Vis Consultancy
E-mail jan@visconsultancy.eu
Web visconsultancy.eu


This package has used code from:

  • edf.R version 0.3 (27-11-2013) from Fabien Feschet, http://data-auvergne.fr/cloud/index.php/s/WYmFEDZylFWJzNs

  • the work of Henelius Andreas as of July 2015, https://github.com/bwrc/edf

See Also

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vignette('edfReaderVignette', package = "edfReader")
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