Man pages for eggCounts
Hierarchical Modelling of Faecal Egg Counts

echinococcusFaecal egg count sample
eggCounts-packageHierarchical modelling of faecal egg counts
epgsFaecal egg count samples (before and after treatment)
fecr_probabilityCompute the probability of the reduction parameter relative...
fecr_stanModelling the reduction of faecal egg count data
fecrtCICompute standard FECRT according to WAAVP guidelines
fec_stanModelling of faecal egg count data (one-sample case)
plotCountsPlot eggCounts data
simData1sSimulate faecal egg count data (1-sample situation)
simData2sSimulate faecal egg count data (2-sample situation)
stan2mcmcConvert a Stanfit object to MCMC object
tab1morganAbundance of trichostrongyloid eggs in sheep faeces
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