Man pages for eicm
Explicit Interaction Community Models

as.eicmDefine a parameterized EICM model
coef.eicmExtract EICM model coefficients
coefficientComparisonPlotDiagnostic monitor plots for EICM
confint.eicmConfidence intervals for EICM parameters
eicmFit and select an Explicit Interaction Community Model (EICM)
eicm.dataDefine a data object for a EICM model
eicm.fitEstimate a EICM model
eicm.matrixDefine a model object for a EICM model
eicm.optionsSet EICM fitting options
eicm-packageeicm: Explicit Interaction Community Models
generateEICMGenerate EICM model following a Beta frequency distribution
logLik.eicmEICM (penalized) log-likelihood
plot.confint.eicmPlot EICM estimates and confidence intervals
plot.eicmQuick plot EICM results
plot.eicm.listQuick plot EICM results
plot.profile.eicmPlot EICM likelihood profile
predict.eicmPredict method for EICM fits
print.eicm.matrixPrint EICM model matrix
profile.eicmLikelihood profiles for EICMs
truemodelA parameterized EICM model for simulation
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