add_woe: Add WoE in a data frame

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Add WoE in a data frame


A tidyverse friendly way to plug WoE versions of a set of predictor variables against a given binary outcome.


add_woe(.data, outcome, ..., dictionary = NULL, prefix = "woe")



A tbl. The data.frame to plug the new woe version columns.


The bare name of the outcome variable.


Bare names of predictor variables, passed as you would pass variables to dplyr::select(). This means that you can use all the helpers like starts_with() and matches().


A tbl. If NULL the function will build a dictionary with those variables passed to .... You can pass a custom dictionary too, see dictionary() for details.


A character string that will be the prefix to the resulting new variables.


You can pass a custom dictionary to add_woe(). It must have the exactly the same structure of the output of dictionary(). One easy way to do this is to tweak a output returned from it.


A tibble with the original columns of .data plus the woe columns wanted.


mtcars %>% add_woe("am", cyl, gear:carb)

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