Man pages for emuR
Main Package of the EMU Speech Database Management System

add_filesAdd files to emuDB
AddListRemoveAttrDefLabelGroupAdd / List / Remove labelGroup to / of / from...
AddListRemoveLabelGroupAdd / List / Remove global labelGroup to / of / from emuDB
AddListRemoveLevelDefinitionsAdd / List / Remove level definition to / of / from emuDB
AddListRemoveLinkDefinitionAdd / List / Remove linkDefinition to / of / from emuDB
AddListRemovePerspectiveAdd / List / Remove perspective to / of / from emuDB
AddListRemoveSsffTrackDefinitionAdd / List / Remove ssffTrackDefinition to / from / of emuDB
AddListRenameRemoveAttributeDefinitionsAdd / List / Rename / Remove attribute definition to / of /...
as.spectralFunction to convert an object into an object of class...
as.trackdataCreate an Emu trackdata object
autobuild_linkFromTimesAutobuild links between two levels using their time...
barkConvert Hertz to Bark and Bark to Hertz
bayes.distbayes dist
bayesian.metricbayesian metric
bayes.labbayes lab
bindclass method bind data
bind.defaultdata binding
bind.trackdatabind trackdata
bridgeThree-columned matrix
buildtrackBuild trackdata objects from the output of by()
by.trackdataA method of the generic function by for objects of class...
cbind.trackdataA method of the generic function cbind for objects of class...
cen.subSubfunction of cen
classplotProduce a classification plot from discriminant or SVM...
convert_BPFCollectionConvert a Bas Partitur File Collection (audio and BAS...
convert_legacyEmuDBConvert legacy EMU database to the emuDB format
convert_TextGridCollectionConvert a TextGridCollection (e.g. .wav & .TextGrid files) to...
convert_txtCollectionConverts a collection of audio files and plain text...
convert_wideToLongconvert tracks of a tibble trackdata object to the long form
couttsSegment list of words, read speech, female speaker of...
coutts2Segment list, same as coutts but at a slower speech rate
coutts2.epgEPG-compressed trackdata from the segment list coutts2
coutts2.lVector of word label from the segment list coutts2
coutts2.samTrackdata of acoustic waveforms from the segment list coutts2
coutts.epgEPG-compressed trackdata from the segment list coutts
coutts.lVector of word label from the segment list coutts
coutts.rmsrms Data to coutts segment list
coutts.samTrackdata of acoustic waveforms from the segment list coutts
crPlot digital sinuoids.
create_emuDBCreate empty emuDB
create_emuRdemoDataCreate demo data for the emuR package
create_emuRtrackdatacreate emuRtrackdata object
create_itemsInLevelCreate new items programmatically
create_linkscreate links between items
create_spectrogram_image_as_rasterCreate spectrogram image as raster
crplotFunction to plot a digital sinusoid and the circle from which...
dapplyapply a function to each part of a trackdata object
dbnormFunction to dB-normalise spectral objects
dbtopowerFunction for inter-converting between decibels and a linear...
dctDiscrete Cosine Transformation
dcutFunction to extract a vector or matrix from EMU-Trackdata at...
ddiffDifferentiation of tracks
delete_itemsInLevelDelete items programmatically
demo.allEmu segment list
demo.all.f0F0 track data for segment list demo.vowels
demo.all.fmFormant track data for segment list demo.vowels
demo.all.rmsEmu track data for a rms track for segment list demo.all
demo.vowelsEmu segment List
demo.vowels.f0F0 track data for segment list demo.vowels
demo.vowels.fmFormant track data for segment list demo.vowels
dextractExtract a subset of data from a trackdata object
dextract.labExtract a subset of data from a trackdata object
dimnames.trackdataDimnames of trackdata object
dim.trackdataA method of the generic function dim for objects of class...
dipSegment list of dipththongs, two speakers one male, one...
dip.fdatTrackdata of formants from the segment list dip
dip.lVector of phoneme labels from the segment list dip
dip.spkrVector of speaker labels from the segment list dip
dplotA function to plot one or more columns of EMU-trackdata as a...
dsmoothSmooth the data in a trackdata object.
dtimetime signal times
duplicate_levelDuplicate level
dur.emusegsDuration of segments (NOTE: does not work for new default...
dur.trackdataDuration of trackdata elements
e.dftSpectral vector of a single E vowel produced by a male...
ellipseCalculate ellipse coordinates
emuR-packageemuR - Main Package of the EMU Speech Database Management...
emuRsegsemuR segment list
emuRtrackdataemuR track data object
emusegs.databaseemusegs database
emusegs.queryemusegs query
emusegs.typesegment list type
engassimSegment list of a sequence of syllable final n or N preceding...
engassim.epgEPG-compressed trackdata from the segment list engassim
engassim.lVector of phonetic labels from the segment list engassim: nK...
engassim.wVector of word labels from the segment list engassim.
epgaiElectropalatographic contact indices
epgcogElectropalatographic centre of gravity
epggsPlot a grey-scale image of palatographic data.
epgplotPlot palatographic data
epgsumSum contacts in palatograms.
eplotPlot ellipses for two-dimensional data (DEPRECATED see below)
euclideanFind the inter-euclidean distance for a data matrix
expand_labelsLabel each data sample
export_BPFCollectionExports an emuDB into a BAS Partitur File (BPF) Collection
export_seglistToTxtCollectionExports a segment list to txt collection
export_TextGridCollectionExport annotations of emuDB to TextGrid collection
fapplyFunction that applies a function to an EMU spectral object
frames.timeFind the time and position of a data element.
freqtointFunction to find the column number corresponding to...
fricSegment list of word-medial s or z one male speaker of...
fric.dftSpectral trackdata object from the segment list fric.
fric.lVector of labels from the segment list fric
fric.wVector of word labels from the segment list fric.
gerst.subgerst sub
get.time.elementGet data for a given time
get_trackdataGet trackdata from loaded emuDB
get.trackkeywrdget trackkeywrd
import_mediaFilesImport media files to emuDB
isolSegment list of vowels in a d d context isolated word speech,...
isol.fdatTrackdata of formants from the segment list isol
isol.lVector of vowel phoneme labels from the segment list isol
is.seglistis seglist
is.spectralFunction to test whether the object is of class "spectral"
is.trackdataTest whether an object is an Emu trackdata object
labelGet labels / utterances from segment list
label_convertconvert label
label_numnum label
linearPerform linear time normalisation on trackdata.
linear.avlinear av
list_bundlesList bundles of emuDB
list_filesList files of emuDB
list_sampleRatesList sample rates of media and annotation (_annot.json) files
list_sessionsList sessions of emuDB
load_emuDBLoad emuDB
lob.sublob sub
locusCalculate locus equations for two-dimensional data
mahalClassify using Mahalanobis distance
mahalanobis.metricmahalanobis metric
mahal.distCalculate mahalanobis distances
make.emuRsegsMake emuDB segment list
makelabWrite out ESPS-style label files
make.seglistMake an Emu segment list from the various components
matscanRead matrix data from a file
melConvert Hz to the mel scale
mel.defaultmel default
modify.seglistModify one of the components of an Emu segment list
momentsFunction to calculate statistical moments
muclassFind common elements in vectors
mu.colourFunction for specifying color, linetype, and line-widths in...
mu.colour.getget a EMU color
mu.legendmake a EMU legend
mu.linetype.getmu linetype get
nearey.subnearey sub
normNormalise speech data
normalize_lengthNormalize length of segments contained in a 'data.frame' like...
palateObtain a three-dimensional palatographic array
performPerformance (hit rate) of a confusion matrix
plafitCalculate the coefficients of a parabola
plot.spectralPlot spectra from EMU spectral objects
plot.trackdataProduces time-series plots from trackdata
polhomSegment list of four Polish homorganic fricatives from...
polhom.epgEPG-compressed trackdata from the segment list polhom
polhom.lVector of phonetic labels from the segment list polhom
print.emuRsegsPrint emuRsegs segment list
print.emuRtrackdataPrint emuRtrackdata object
print.emusegsprint emusegs
print.trackdataprint trackdata
queryQuery emuDB
radFunction to convert between Hertz and Radians
radiansConverts degrees to radians
randomise.segsRandomise or Reverse items in a segment list
rbind.trackdataA method of the generic function rbind for objects of class...
read_bundleListread bundleList
read.emusegsCreate an Emu segment list from a file
rename_bundlesRename bundles in emuDB
rename_emuDBRename emuDB
replace_itemLabelsReplace item labels
requery_hierRequery hierarchical context of a segment list in an emuDB
requery_seqRequery sequential context of segment list in an emuDB
resample_annotsResample annotations ('_annot.json') files of emuDB
rescale.gerstrescale gerst
rescale.lobrescale lob
rescale.neareyrescale nearey
runBASwebservice_allRuns several BAS webservices, starting from an orthographic...
runBASwebservice_chunkerCreates a chunk segmentation using the webservice Chunker.
runBASwebservice_g2pForPronunciationCreates canonical pronunciation attributes for a tier of...
runBASwebservice_g2pForTokenizationTokenizes an orthographic transcription.
runBASwebservice_mausRuns MAUS webservice to create a phonetic segmentation
runBASwebservice_minniCreates a rough phonetic segmentation by running the phoneme...
runBASwebservice_pho2sylCanonicalAdds syllabified word labels to a word level that already...
runBASwebservice_pho2sylSegmentalCreates a syllable segmentation on the basis of a phonetic...
segmentlistSegment list
serveServe EMU database to EMU-webApp
SetGetlevelCanvasesOrderSet / Get level canvases order of emuDB
SetGetRemoveLegalLabelsSet / Get / Remove legal labels of attributeDefinition of...
SetGetSignalCanvasesOrderSet / Get signalCanvasesOrder of / to / from emuDB
shiftFunction to shift the elements of a vector.
Slope.testSlope Test
sort.emuRsegsSort emuRsegs segment list by session, bundle and...
sortmatrixSort matrix by label
splitstringSplit a string into words.
start.emusegsStart and end times for EMU segment lists and trackdata...
sub-.EPGexpand EPG
sub-.spectralExpand spectral
sub-.trackdataExpand trackdata
summary.emuDBhandlePrint summary of loaded EMU database (emuDB).
summary.emusegssummary emusegs
summary.trackdatasummary trackdata
trackdataTrack data object
trackfreqfunction to find the frequencies of a spectral object
track.gradinfoCalculate gradient summary information for trackdata
track.gradinfo.subtrack gradinfo sub
tracktimesGet the track times from EMU trackdata objects
trainTrain a Gaussian Model
trapplyA method of the generic function by for objects of class...
update_itemsInLevelUpdate items programmatically
vowlaxSegment list of four lax vowels, read speech, one male and...
vowlax.dfData frame of various parameters and labels from the segment...
vowlax.dft.5Spectral matrix centred at the temporal midpoint of the...
vowlax.fdatTrackdata of formants from the segment list vowlax
vowlax.fdat.5Matrix of formant data extracted at the temporal midpoint...
vowlax.fundTrackdata of fundamental frequency from the segment list... of fundamental frequency extracted at the temporal...
vowlax.lVector of phoneme labels from the segment list vowlax
vowlax.leftVector of labels preceding the vowels from the segment list...
vowlax.rightVector of labels following the vowels from the segment list...
vowlax.rmsTrackdata of RMS energy from the segment list vowlax
vowlax.rms.5Vector of RMS energy values at the temporal midpoint...
vowlax.spkrVector of speaker labels from the segment list vowlax.
vowlax.wordVector of word labels from the segment list vowlax.
wordlax.lVector of word labels from segment list wordlax
write_bundleListwrite bundleList
write.emusegsWrite an Emu segment list to a file
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