API for emuR
Main Package of the EMU Speech Database Management System

Global functions
.onLoad Source code
AddListRemoveAttrDefLabelGroup Man page
AddListRemoveLabelGroup Man page
AddListRemoveLevelDefinitions Man page
AddListRemoveLinkDefinition Man page
AddListRemovePerspective Man page
AddListRemoveSsffTrackDefinition Man page
AddListRenameRemoveAttributeDefinitions Man page
Math.trackdata Man page
Math2.trackdata Man page
Ops.trackdata Man page
SetGetRemoveLegalLabels Man page
SetGetSignalCanvasesOrder Man page
SetGetlevelCanvasesOrder Man page
Slope.test Man page
Summary.trackdata Man page
TextGridToBundleAnnotDFs Source code
[.EPG Man page
[.spectral Man page
[.trackdata Man page
`classplot` Source code
add_attrDefLabelGroup Man page Source code
add_attributeDefinition Man page Source code
add_bundleDBI Source code
add_emuDbDBI Source code
add_files Man page Source code
add_labelGroup Man page Source code
add_levelDefinition Man page Source code
add_linkDefinition Man page Source code
add_perspective Man page Source code
add_sessionDBI Source code
add_ssffTrackDefinition Man page Source code
annotJSONcharToBundleAnnotDFs Source code
append_itemsToLevel Source code
as.emusegs Source code
as.emusegs.emuRsegs Source code
as.matrix.emusegs Man page
as.spectral Man page
as.trackdata Man page
assign_bpfSeqIdx Source code
autobuild_linkFromTimes Man page Source code
bark Man page
bark.default Man page
bark.spectral Man page
bark.trackdata Man page
bas_add_item Source code
bas_add_label Source code
bas_add_link Source code
bas_check_this_is_a_new_label Source code
bas_clear Source code
bas_curl Source code
bas_curl_inner Source code
bas_download Source code
bas_evaluate_language_option Source code
bas_get_max_id Source code
bas_get_max_label_idx Source code
bas_get_samplerate Source code
bas_get_signal_path Source code
bas_get_top_id Source code
bas_label_exists_in_bundle Source code
bas_label_item_join Source code
bas_link_exists_in_bundle Source code
bas_long_enough_for_chunker Source code
bas_new_canvas Source code
bas_paste_description Source code
bas_ping Source code
bas_prepare Source code
bas_run_chunker_dbi Source code
bas_run_g2p_for_pronunciation_dbi Source code
bas_run_g2p_for_tokenization_dbi Source code
bas_run_maus_dbi Source code
bas_run_minni_dbi Source code
bas_run_pho2syl_canonical_dbi Source code
bas_run_pho2syl_segmental_dbi Source code
bas_run_pho2syl_segmental_dbi_anchored Source code
bas_run_pho2syl_segmental_dbi_unanchored Source code
bas_segment_to_item_level Source code
bas_segment_to_item_level_dbi Source code
bas_tmpdbdir Source code
bas_workdir Source code
basic_cond Source code
bayes.dist Man page
bayes.lab Man page
bayesian.metric Man page
bayesplot Man page Source code
bind Man page
bind.default Man page
bind.trackdata Man page
bpf_get_link_info_entry Source code
bridge Man page
build_allHierarchyPaths Source code
build_extLinkDefinitions Source code
build_hashedLinkDefs Source code
build_legacyBundleList Source code
build_levelPathes Source code
build_skeleton Source code
build_sublevelPathes Source code
buildtrack Man page
bundleAnnotDFsToAnnotJSONchar Source code
by Man page
by.trackdata Man page
cbind Man page
cbind.trackdata Man page
cen.sub Man page
check_bpfArgumentWithLevelClasses Source code
check_bpfArgumentWithoutLevelClasses Source code
check_bpfOverlap Source code
check_emuDBhandle Source code
check_emuRsegsForRequery Source code
check_levelAttributeName Source code
check_tibbleForRequery Source code
check_tibbleForServe Source code
classify Man page
classplot Man page
clear_intermResTabels Source code
closest Man page
compare_bpfSamplerate Source code
convert_BPFCollection Man page Source code
convert_TextGridCollection Man page Source code
convert_emuTrackPath Source code
convert_legacyBundleId Source code
convert_legacyEmuDB Man page Source code
convert_queryEmuRsegsToTibble Source code
convert_queryResultToEmuRsegs Source code
convert_queryResultToEmusegs Source code
convert_txtCollection Man page Source code
convert_wideToLong Man page Source code
copy_bpfMediaFiles Source code
coutts Man page
coutts.epg Man page
coutts.l Man page
coutts.rms Man page
coutts.sam Man page
coutts2 Man page
coutts2.epg Man page
coutts2.l Man page
coutts2.sam Man page
cr Man page
create_BPFcollectionManipulated Source code
create_DBconfigFromTextGrid Source code
create_annotCrudTmpTables Source code
create_bpfSchema Source code
create_conditionTextAlternatives Source code
create_emuDB Man page Source code
create_emuDBindicesDBI Source code
create_emuRdemoData Man page Source code
create_emuRtrackdata Man page Source code
create_filePairList Source code
create_insertStatements Source code
create_intermResTmpQueryTablesDBI Source code
create_itemsInLevel Man page Source code
create_links Man page Source code
create_requeryTmpTables Source code
create_spectrogram_image_as_raster Man page Source code
create_tmpFilteredQueryTablesDBI Source code
crplot Man page
dapply Man page
dbnorm Man page
dbtopower Man page
dct Man page
dcut Man page
dcut.sub Man page
ddiff Man page
ddiff.sub Man page Source code
deduct_timeFromJson Source code
delete_itemsInLevel Man page
demo.all Man page
demo.all.f0 Man page
demo.all.fm Man page
demo.all.rms Man page
demo.vowels Man page
demo.vowels.f0 Man page
demo.vowels.fm Man page
dextract Man page Source code
dextract.lab Man page
dextract.sub Man page
dim Man page
dim.trackdata Man page Source code
dimnames.trackdata Man page
dip Man page
dip.fdat Man page
dip.l Man page
dip.spkr Man page
display_bpfSemicolonWarnings Source code
distance Man page
dplot Man page
dplot.norm Man page
dplot.time Man page
drop_allTmpTablesDBI Source code
drop_requeryTmpTables Source code
drop_tmpFilteredQueryTablesDBI Source code
dsmooth Man page
dsmooth.sub Man page
dtime Man page Source code
duplicate_level Man page Source code
dur Man page
dur.emusegs Man page
dur.trackdata Man page
e.dft Man page
ellipse Man page
emu.track Man page
emuDBhandle Source code
emuR Man page
emuR-package Man page
emuR_regexprl Source code
emuRsegs Man page
emuRtrackdata Man page
emusegs Man page
emusegs.database Man page
emusegs.query Man page
emusegs.type Man page
end.emusegs Man page
end.trackdata Man page
engassim Man page
engassim.epg Man page
engassim.l Man page
engassim.w Man page
epgai Man page
epgci Man page
epgcog Man page
epgdi Man page
epggs Man page
epgplot Man page
epgsum Man page
eplot Man page
equal.emusegs Source code
euclidean Man page
euclidean.metric Man page
evaluate_bpfLabelString Source code
evaluate_bpfLinksString Source code
expand_labels Man page
expand_linkPath Source code
export_BPFCollection Man page Source code
export_TextGridCollection Man page Source code
export_seglistToTxtCollection Man page Source code
fapply Man page
find_segmentLevels Source code
frames Man page
frames.time Man page
freqtoint Man page
fric Man page
fric.dft Man page
fric.l Man page
fric.w Man page
gerst.sub Man page
get.time.element Man page
get.trackkeywrd Man page
get_MD5annotJsonDBI Source code
get_allAttributeNames Source code
get_attributeDescription Source code
get_bpfDefaultLevelOrder Source code
get_bpfLevelDefinitions Source code
get_bpfLevelsUnderUtterance Source code
get_bpfLinkCounts Source code
get_bpfLinkDefinitions Source code
get_bpfLinkIdxMap Source code
get_bpfSession Source code
get_bpfTurnAround Source code
get_charPosition Source code
get_emuDbDBI Source code
get_hierPathsConnectingLevels Source code
get_labelIndex Source code
get_lastCharPosition Source code
get_legacyEmuBundles Source code
get_legacyFilePath Source code
get_legalLabels Man page Source code
get_levelCanvasesOrder Man page Source code
get_levelDefinition Source code
get_levelNameForAttributeName Source code
get_linkLevelChildrenNames Source code
get_links Source code
get_signalCanvasesOrder Man page Source code
get_ssffTracksUsedByDBconfig Source code
get_stringPosition Source code
get_stringPositionOutsideBrackets Source code
get_trackdata Man page
import_mediaFiles Man page Source code
infer_temporal_info Source code
initialize_emuDbDBI Source code
insertItemIntoDatabase Source code
internal_add_attributeDefinition Source code
is.seglist Man page Source code
is.spectral Man page
is.trackdata Man page
is_relativeFilePath Source code
isol Man page
isol.fdat Man page
isol.l Man page
join_flatFileData Source code
label Man page
label.emusegs Man page
label_convert Man page
label_num Man page
linear Man page
linear.av Man page
link_bpfDisambiguation Source code
link_bpfUtteranceLevel Source code
link_bpfUtteranceLevelToCurrentLevel Source code
list Man page
list_attrDefLabelGroups Man page Source code
list_attributeDefinitions Man page Source code
list_bundles Man page Source code
list_bundlesDBI Source code
list_files Man page Source code
list_labelGroups Man page Source code
list_levelDefinitions Man page Source code
list_linkDefinitions Man page Source code
list_perspectives Man page Source code
list_sampleRates Man page Source code
list_sessions Man page Source code
list_sessionsDBI Source code
list_ssffTrackDefinitions Man page Source code
list_trackdirs Source code
load_DBconfig Source code
load_annotationForLegacyBundle Source code
load_bundleAnnotDFsDBI Source code
load_dbConfigFromEmuTemplate Source code
load_emuDB Man page Source code
lob.sub Man page
locus Man page
mahal Man page
mahal.dist Man page
mahalanobis.metric Man page
make.emuRsegs Man page Source code
make.seglist Man page Source code
make_bpfDbSkeleton Source code
make_link_map Source code
makelab Man page
matscan Man page
mel Man page
mel.default Man page
mel.spectral Man page
mel.trackdata Man page
merge_bpfLinkTypes Source code
modify.seglist Man page
modify_files Source code
moments Man page
moveback_annotCrudTmpTables Source code
mu.colour Man page
mu.colour.get Man page Source code
mu.legend Man page
mu.linetype.get Man page Source code
muclass Man page
nearey.sub Man page
norm Man page
normalize_length Man page
outliers Man page
pad_bpfSegments Source code
palate Man page
parse_BPF Source code
parse_TextGridDBI Source code
parse_bpfBody Source code
parse_bpfHeader Source code
parse_bpfLine Source code
parse_emuTrackPath Source code
parse_espsLabelFile Source code
parse_hlbFile Source code
parse_lineToKeyValue Source code
perform Man page
plafit Man page
play_segs Source code
plot.spectral Man page
plot.trackdata Man page
polhom Man page
polhom.epg Man page
polhom.l Man page
polygonplot Man page
print.emuDBhandle Source code
print.emuRsegs Man page
print.emuRtrackdata Man page
print.emusegs Man page
print.trackdata Man page
query Man page Source code
query_databaseEqlCONJQ Source code
query_databaseEqlFUNCQ Source code
query_databaseEqlInBracket Source code
query_databaseEqlLABELQ Source code
query_databaseEqlSQ Source code
query_databaseWithEql Source code
query_databaseWithEqlEmuRsegs Source code
query_databaseWithEqlEmusegs Source code
query_hierarchyWalk Source code
query_labels Source code
rad Man page
radians Man page
randomise.segs Man page
rbind Man page
rbind.trackdata Man page
read.emusegs Man page Source code
read_and_join_long_flatData Source code
read_and_join_wide_flatData Source code
read_bundleList Man page Source code
release_questions Source code
remove_annotCrudTmpTables Source code
remove_attrDefLabelGroup Man page Source code
remove_attributeDefinition Man page Source code
remove_bundleAnnotDBI Source code
remove_bundleDBI Source code
remove_files Source code
remove_labelGroup Man page Source code
remove_legalLabels Man page Source code
remove_levelDefinition Man page Source code
remove_linkDefinition Man page Source code
remove_perspective Man page Source code
remove_redundantBundleLinks Source code
remove_sessionDBI Source code
remove_ssffTrackDefinition Man page Source code
rename_attributeDefinition Man page Source code
rename_bundles Man page Source code
rename_emuDB Man page Source code
replace_itemLabels Man page Source code
requery_hier Man page Source code
requery_seq Man page Source code
resample_annots Man page Source code
rescale.gerst Man page
rescale.lob Man page
rescale.nearey Man page
rewrite_annots Source code
runBASwebservice_all Man page Source code
runBASwebservice_chunker Man page Source code
runBASwebservice_g2pForPronunciation Man page Source code
runBASwebservice_g2pForTokenization Man page Source code
runBASwebservice_maus Man page Source code
runBASwebservice_minni Man page Source code
runBASwebservice_pho2sylCanonical Man page Source code
runBASwebservice_pho2sylSegmental Man page Source code
segment Man page
segmentlist Man page
serve Man page Source code
setSQLitePragmas Source code
set_attributeDescription Source code
set_legalLabels Man page Source code
set_levelCanvasesOrder Man page Source code
set_signalCanvasesOrder Man page Source code
shift Man page
sort.emuRsegs Man page
sortmatrix Man page
splitstring Man page Source code
start.emusegs Man page
start.trackdata Man page
store Source code
store_DBconfig Source code
store_bundleAnnotDFsDBI Source code
summary.emuDBhandle Man page Source code
summary.emusegs Man page Source code
summary.trackdata Man page
track.gradinfo Man page Source code
track.gradinfo.sub Man page Source code
trackdata Man page
trackfreq Man page
tracktimes Man page
train Man page
trapply Man page
turn_bpfLinkTrackerEntries Source code
turn_bpfLinks Source code
unify_bpfLevels Source code
update_bpfLevelTracker Source code
update_bpfLinkTracker Source code
update_cache Source code
update_itemsInLevel Man page
utt Man page
utt.emusegs Man page
validate_bundleDBI Source code
vowlax Man page
vowlax.df Man page
vowlax.dft.5 Man page
vowlax.fdat Man page
vowlax.fdat.5 Man page
vowlax.fund Man page
vowlax.fund.5 Man page
vowlax.l Man page
vowlax.left Man page
vowlax.right Man page
vowlax.rms Man page
vowlax.rms.5 Man page
vowlax.spkr Man page
vowlax.word Man page
wordlax.l Man page
write.emusegs Man page
write_bpfItemsLabelsToDb Source code
write_bpfLinksToDb Source code
write_bpfUtteranceToDb Source code
write_bundleList Man page Source code
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