Man pages for energy
E-Statistics: Multivariate Inference via the Energy of Data

centeringDouble centering and U-centering
dcor.ttestDistance Correlation t-Test
dcovDistance Correlation and Covariance Statistics
dcov2dFast dCor and dCov for bivariate data only
dcov.testDistance Covariance Test and Distance Correlation test
dcovuUnbiased dcov and bias-corrected dcor statistics
dcovU_statsUnbiased distance covariance statistics
discodistance components (DISCO)
energy-defunctEnergy Statistic Test of Independence
energy.hclustHierarchical Clustering by Minimum (Energy) E-distance
energy-packageE-statistics: Multivariate Inference via the Energy of Data
eqdist.etestMultisample E-statistic (Energy) Test of Equal Distributions
indep.testEnergy-tests of Independence
kgroupsK-Groups Clustering
mvI.testEnergy Statistic Test of Independence
mvnorm-etestE-statistic (Energy) Test of Multivariate Normality
pdcorPartial distance correlation and covariance
poisson.mtestMean Distance Test for Poisson Distribution
sortrankSort, order and rank a vector
U_productInner product in the Hilbert space of U-centered distance...
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