Man pages for envalysis
Miscellaneous Functions for Environmental Analyses

bisdomCategorize water drop penetration times
calibrationAnalytical calibration functions
clayloamHydrometer readings for a clay loam
din32645Calibration data from DIN 32645
envalysis-packageenvalysis: Miscellaneous Functions for Environmental Analyses
icpICP-AES calibration data
matrix_effectAssess matrix effects and matrix-matched calibrations
neitzel2003Calibration data from Neitzel (2003)
phenolicsDegradation of phenolic compounds by Steinmetz et al. (2019)
rmseRoot mean square error
seStandard error and confidence interval
signifigPrint significant figures
sorptionSorption isotherms
textureASTM soil texture analysis
theme_publishggplot2 theme for scientific publications
weight_selectTools for weighted calibrations
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