Man pages for envalysis
Miscellaneous Functions for Environmental Analyses

bisdomCategorize water drop penetration times
calibrationAnalytical calibration functions
clayloamHydrometer readings for a clay loam
din32645Calibration data from DIN 32645
envalysis-packageenvalysis: Miscellaneous Functions for Environmental Analyses
icpICP-AES calibration data
matrix_effectAssess matrix effects and matrix-matched calibrations
mselectenvalysis reimplementation of mselect
neitzel2003Calibration data from Neitzel, 2003
rmseRoot mean square error
seStandard error and confidence interval
signifigPrint significant figures
sorptionSorption isotherms
textureASTM soil texture analysis
theme_publishggplot2 theme for scientific publications
weight_selectTools for weighted calibrations
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