Man pages for epiDisplay
Epidemiological Data Display Package

aggregate.numericSummary statistics of a numeric variable by group
aggregate.plotPlot summary statistics of a numeric variable by group
alphaCronbach's alpha
ANCdataDataset on effect of new antenatal care method on mortality
ANCtableDataset on effect of new ANC method on mortality (as a table)
AttitudesDataset from an attitude survey among hospital staff
bangDataset from 1988 Bangladesh Fertility Survey
BPDataset on blood pressure and determinants
ccOdds ratio calculation and graphing
ciConfidence interval of probabilty, mean and incidence
codebookCodebook of a data frame
CompaqDataset on cancer survival
DecayDataset on tooth decay and mutan streptococci
desDesription of a data frame or a variable
DHF99Dataset for exercise on predictors for mosquito larva...
dotplotDot plot
EctopicDataset of a case-control study looking at history of...
FamilydataDataset of a hypothetical family
followup.plotLongitudinal followup plot
HakimiDataset on effect of training personnel on neonatal mortality
HW93Dataset from a study on hookworm prevalence and intensity in...
IudAdmitDataset admission of cases for IUD trials
IudDiscontinueDataset on discontinuation of the IUD trial cases
IudFollowupDataset followup cases of IUD trials
kapKappa statistic
lookupRecode several values of a variable
lrtestLikelihood ratio test
lsNoFunctionList non-function objects
MarryageDataset on age at marriage
matchTabMatched tabulation
mhorMantel-Haenszel odds ratio
MontanaDataset on arsenic exposure and respiratory deaths
OswegoDataset from an outbreak of food poisoning in US
OutbreakDataset from an outbreak of food poisoning on a sportsday,...
PlanningDataset for practicing cleaning, labelling and recoding
poisgofGoodness of fit test for modeling of count data
powerPower calculation for two sample means and proportions
power.for.2meansPrint power.for.2means results
print.alphaPrint alpha object
print.cciPrint cci results
print.desPrint 'des' results
print.kap.ByCategoryPrint kap.ByCategory results
print.kap.tablePrint kap.table results
print.lrtestPrint lrtest results
print.matchTabPrint matched tabulation results
print.n.for.2meansPrint n.for.2means results
print.n.for.2pPrint n.for.2p results
print.n.for.cluster.2meansPrint n.for.cluster.2means results
print.n.for.cluster.2pPrint n.for.cluster.2p results
print.n.for.equi.2pPrint n.for.equi.2p results
print.n.for.lqasPrint n.for.lqas results
print.n.for.noninferior.2pPrint n.for.noninferior.2p results
print.n.for.surveyPrint n.for.survey results
print.power.for.2pPrint power.for.2p results
print.statStackPrint statStack object summary of the data frame
print.summ.defaultPrint summary of a variable
print.tableStackPrint tableStack object
pyramidPopulation pyramid
risk.displayTables for multivariate odds ratio, incidence density etc
rocROC curve
sampsizeSample size calculation
setTitleSetting the displayed language of Epicalc graph title
shapiro.qqnormQqnorm plots with Shapiro-Wilk's test
Sleep3Dataset on sleepiness in a workshop
SO2Dataset on air pollution and deaths in UK
statStackStatistics of a continuous variable stratified by factors
summSummary with graph
SuwitHookworm infection and blood loss: SEAJTM 1970
tab1One-way tabulation
tableStackTabulation of variables in a stack form
tabpctTwo-way tabulation with mosaic plot
TimingDataset on time going to bed, waking up and arrival at a...
titleStringReplace commonly used words in Epicalc graph title
Vc1to1Datasets on a matched case-control study of esophageal cancer
VCTDataset on attitudes toward VCT
XeropDataset from an Indonesian study on vitamin A deficiency and...
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