MipRules-class: Create a mip object from a validator object

MipRules-classR Documentation

Create a mip object from a validator object


Create a mip object from validator() object. This is a utility class that translates a validor object into a mixed integer problem that can be solved. Most users should use locate_errors() which will handle all translation and execution automatically. This class is provided so users can implement or derive an alternative solution.


The MipRules class contains the following methods:

  • $execute() calls the mip solver to execute the rules.

  • $to_lp(): transforms the object into a lp_solve object

  • $is_infeasible Checks if the current system of mixed integer rules is feasible.

  • $set_values: set values and weights for variables (determines the objective function).

See Also

Other Mixed Integer Problem: inspect_mip()


rules <- validator(x > 1)
mr <- miprules(rules)
mr$set_values(c(x=0), weights=c(x=1))

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