Man pages for esvis
Visualization and Estimation of Effect Sizes

aucCompute the Area Under the pp_plot Curve Calculates the area...
benchmarksSynthetic benchmark screening data
binned_esCalculate binned effect sizes
binned_plotQuantile-binned effect size plot
cohCohen's d
coh_dCompute Cohen's _d_
descrip_statsReport descriptive stats for all possible pairings on the rhs...
ecdf_funComputes the empirical cummulative distribution function for...
ecdf_plotEmpirical Cumulative Distribution Plot
esvis-packageesvis: Visualization and Estimation of Effect Sizes
hedgHedge's g
hedg_gCompute Hedges' _g_ This function calculates effect sizes in...
pacCompute the proportion above a specific cut location
pac_compareCompute the difference in the proportion above a specific cut...
paired_ecdfPairs empirical cummulative distribution functions for all...
pp_plotProduces the paired probability plot for two groups
psdPooled Standard Deviation
sedaPortion of the Stanford Educational Data Archive (SEDA).
starData from the Tennessee class size experiment
tpacTransformed proportion above the cut
tpac_compareCompare Transformed Proportion Above the Cut
vCalculate the V effect size statistic
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