Man pages for esvis
Visualization and Estimation of Effect Sizes

aucCalculate the area under the curve
binned_plotQuantile-binned effect size plot
cdfsCompute the empirical distribution functions for each of...
coh_dCompute Cohen's _d_
col_hueColor hues
create_base_legendCreate a base legend for a plot
create_legendCreate a legend for a plot
create_vecCreate a named vector of all possible combinations
ecdf_plotEmpirical Cumulative Distribution Plot
empty_plotCreate an empty plot
hedg_gCompute Hedges' _g_ This function calculates effect sizes in...
pacCompute the proportion above a specific cut location
parse_formParse formula
pooled_sdCompute pooled standard deviation
pp_plotProduces the paired probability plot for two groups
probsCompute probabilities from the empirical CDFs of a grouping...
qtile_esCompute effect sizes by quantile bins
qtile_mean_diffsCompute mean differences by various quantiles
sedaPortion of the Stanford Educational Data Archive (SEDA).
starData from the Tennessee class size experiment
tpacTransformed proportion above the cut
vCalculate the V effect size statistic
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