Man pages for eulerr
Area-Proportional Euler and Venn Diagrams with Circles or Ellipses

bit_indexrBinary indices
center_layoutCenter Circles
compress_layoutCompress a Euler Layout
dont_plotSuppress Plotting
dont_printSuppress Printing
eulerArea-Proportional Euler Diagrams
eulerr-packageeulerr: Area-Proportional Euler and Venn Diagrams with...
get_bounding_boxGet the bounding box of an ellipse
get_constraintsSet up constraints for optimization
is_falseCheck If Object Is Strictly FALSE
labelCompute locations for overlaps
n_setsGet the number of sets in he input
panel.eulerPanel Function for Euler Diagrams
panel.euler.circlesPanel Function for Euler Circles
panel.euler.ellipsesPanel Function for Euler Ellipses
panel.euler.labelsPanel Function for Euler Diagram Labels
plot.eulerPlot Area-Proportional Euler Diagrams
prepanel.eulerPrepanel Function for Euler Diagrams
print.eulerPrint Euler Fits
qualpalr_palSet up a Qualitative Color Palette
rescaleRescale Values to a New Range
separate_two_discsOptimize Distance Between Circles Based On Overlap
shelf_packShelf packing algorithm for packing rectangles in a bin.
skyline_packSkyline packing algorithm
tally_combinationsTally Set Relationships
update_listUpdate a List with User Input
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