Man pages for eulerr
Area-Proportional Euler and Venn Diagrams with Circles or Ellipses

bit_indexrBinary indices
center_layoutCenter ellipses
coef.eulerReturn ellipses from the euler object
compress_layoutCompress an Euler layout
dont_plotSuppress plotting
dont_printSuppress printing
ellipsePlotting coordinates for an ellipse
eulerArea-proportional Euler diagrams
eulerr_default_optionsDefault options for eulerr
eulerr_deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'eulerr'.
eulerr_optionsGet or set global graphical parameters for eulerr
eulerr-packageeulerr: Area-Proportional Euler and Venn Diagrams with...
fitted.eulerFitted values of euler object
get_bounding_boxGet the bounding box of an ellipse
get_constraintsSet up constraints for optimization
is_falseCheck if object is strictly FALSE
label_deprecatedCompute Locations for Overlaps (deprecated)
mix_colorsBlend (average) colors
normalize_angleNormalize an angle to [-pi, pi)
normalize_parsNormalize parameters (semiaxes and rotation)
n_setsGet the number of sets in he input
panel.euler.circles_deprecatedPanel Function for Euler Circles (deprecated)
panel.euler_deprecatedPanel Function for Euler Diagrams (deprecated)
panel.euler.ellipses_deprecatedPanel Function for Euler Ellipses (deprecated)
panel.euler.labels_deprecatedPanel Function for Euler Diagram Labels (deprecated)
plot.eulerPlot area-proportional Euler diagrams
plot.eulergramPrint (plot) Euler diagram
poly_clipPolygon Clipping
prepanel.euler_deprecatedPrepanel Function for Euler Diagrams (deprecated)
print.eulerPrint Euler diagram fits
replace_listReplace (refresh) a list
rescaleRescale values to new range
separate_two_discsOptimize Distance Between Circles Based On Overlap
setup_geometryCompute geometries and label locations
setup_gparSetup gpars
setup_grobsGrobify Euler objects
skyline_packSkyline packing algorithm
tally_combinationsTally set relationships
update_listUpdate list with input
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