Man pages for evclust
Evidential Clustering

bootclusGenerating a credal partition by bootstraping Gaussian...
butterflyButterfly dataset
cecmConstrained Evidential c-means algorithm
createDComputation of a Euclidean distance matrix
create_MLCLRandom generation of Must-Link and Cannot-Link constraints
createPairsFinding overlapping pairs of clusters
ecmEvidential c-means algorithm
EkNNclusEkNNclus algorithm
evclustevclust: A package for evidential clustering
extractMassCreates an object of class "credalPart"
fourclassSynthetic four-class dataset
kevclusk-EVCLUS algorithm
knn_distK nearest neighbors in a dissimilarity matrix
makeFCreation of a matrix of focal sets
plot.credpartPlotting a credal partition
proteinProtein dataset
recmRelational Evidential c-means algorithm
s2S2 dataset
summary.credpartSummary of a credal partition
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