Man pages for evd
Functions for Extreme Value Distributions

abvevdParametric Dependence Functions of Bivariate Extreme Value...
abvnonparNon-parametric Estimates for Dependence Functions of the...
amvevdParametric Dependence Functions of Multivariate Extreme Value...
amvnonparNon-parametric Estimates for Dependence Functions of the...
anova.evdCompare Nested EVD Objects
bvevdParametric Bivariate Extreme Value Distributions
bvtcplotBivariate Threshold Choice Plot
ccbvevdCalculate Conditional Copulas for Parametric Bivariate...
chiplotDependence Measure Plots
clustersIdentify Clusters of Exceedences
confint.evdCalculate Confidence Intervals
evd-internalInternal Functions
evind.testPerform Hypothesis Test Of Independence
evmcSimulate Markov Chains With Extreme Value Dependence...
exiEstimates of the Extremal Index
exiplotPlot Estimates of the Extremal Index
extremeDistributions of Maxima and Minima
failureFailure Times
fbvevdMaximum-likelihood Fitting of Bivariate Extreme Value...
fbvpotMaximum-likelihood Fitting of Bivariate Extreme Value...
fextremeMaximum-likelihood Fitting of Maxima and Minima
fgevMaximum-likelihood Fitting of the Generalized Extreme Value...
forderMaximum-likelihood Fitting of Order Statistics
foxMaximum Annual Flood Discharges of the Fox River
fpotPeaks Over Threshold Modelling using the Generalized Pareto...
frechetThe Frechet Distribution
gevThe Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
gpdThe Generalized Pareto Distribution
gumbelThe Gumbel Distribution
hbvevdParametric Spectral Density Functions of Bivariate Extreme...
lisbonAnnual Maximum Wind Speeds at Lisbon
lossalaeGeneral Liability Claims
marmaSimulate MARMA(p,q) Processes
mrlplotEmpirical Mean Residual Life Plot
mtransformGEV Transformations
mvevdParametric Multivariate Extreme Value Distributions
ocmulgeeMaximum Annual Flood Discharges of the Ocmulgee River
oldageOldest Ages for Swedish Males and Females
orderDistributions of Order Statistics
oxfordAnnual Maximum Temperatures at Oxford
plot.bvevdPlot Diagnostics for a Bivariate EVD Object
plot.bvpotPlot Diagnostics for a Bivariate POT EVD Object
plot.profile2d.evdPlot Joint Profile Log-likelihoods
plot.profile.evdPlot Profile Log-likelihoods and Calculate Profile Confidence...
plot.uvevdPlot Diagnostics for a Univariate EVD Object
portpirieAnnual Maximum Sea Levels at Port Pirie
profile2d.evdMethod for Profiling EVD Objects
profile.evdMethod for Profiling EVD Objects
qcbvnonparNon-parametric Estimates for Bivariate Quantile Curves
rweibullThe Reverse Weibull Distribution
saskMaximum Annual Flood Discharges of the North Saskachevan...
sealevelAnnual Sea Level Maxima at Dover and Harwich
sealevel2Annual Sea Level Maxima at Dover and Harwich with Indicator
tcplotThreshold Choice Plot
uccleRainfall Maxima at Uccle, Belgium
veniceLargest Sea Levels in Venice
venice2Largest Sea Levels in Venice
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