Man pages for exactRankTests
Exact Distributions for Rank and Permutation Tests

ansari.exactAnsari-Bradley Test
ASATToxicological Study on Female Wistar Rats
bloodpDiastolic Blood Pressure
cscoresComputation of Scores
dpermDistribution of One and Two Sample Permutation Tests
earsSurvival of Ventilating Tubes
gliomaMalignant Glioma Pilot Study
globulinDifferences in Globulin Fraction in Two Groups
irankInteger Ranks
lungcancerLung Cancer Clinical Trial
neuropathyAcute Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
ocarcinomaOvarian Carcinoma
perm.testOne and Two Sample Permutation Test
rotarodRotating Rats Data
salSerum Antigen Level
wilcox.exactWilcoxon Rank Sum and Signed Rank Tests
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