Man pages for exams
Automatic Generation of Exams in R

examsGeneration of Simple Exams
exams2arsnovaGeneration of Exam/Quiz Sessions in ARSnova Format
exams2blackboardGeneration of Exams in Blackboard Format
exams2htmlGeneration of Exams in HTML Format
exams2lopsGeneration of Exams in LOPS Exam Server Format (WU Wien)
exams2moodleGeneration of Exams in Moodle XML Format
exams2nopsGeneration of Written Exams for Automatic Evaluation
exams2openolatGeneration of Exams for OpenOLAT
exams2pandocGeneration of Exams via Pandoc
exams2pdfGeneration of Exams in PDF Format
exams2qti12Generation of Exams in IMS QTI 1.2 and 2.1 Format
exams2tcexamGeneration of Exams in TCExam Format
exams_evalAuxiliary Tools for Evaluating Exams
exams_skeletonGenerate Skeleton for Exams Directory/Script
fmtAuxiliary Formatting Functions
include_supplementCopy (Static) Supplement Files for Inclusion in Exercises
include_tikzIncluding Figures from TikZ Code in Exercises
match_exams_callQuery Information from Last xexams/exams2xyz Call
matrix_to_schoiceGenerate Single- and Multiple-Choice Question Lists for...
mchoice2stringConvenience Functions for Exam Formatting
nops_evalEvaluate NOPS Exams
nops_scanRead Scanned NOPS Exams
num_to_schoiceGenerate Single-Choice Question List from Numeric Solution
read_exerciseReading LaTeX/Markdown Exercise Files
stresstestsStress Testing Exercises
tex2imageTransforming LaTeX Code Using ImageMagick or pdf2svg
xexamsExtensible Generation of Exams
xweaveWrapper Function for Weaving Either Rnw or Rmd Exercises
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