build: Build Models

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The exprso package includes these build modules:

- buildNB

- buildLDA

- buildSVM

- buildLM

- buildGLM

- buildLR

- buildLASSO

- buildANN

- buildDT

- buildRF

- buildFRB

- buildDNN


In the case of multi-class classification, each build module can harness the doMulti function to perform "1 vs. all" classifier construction. In the setting of four class labels, a single build call will return four classifiers that work in concert to make a single prediction of an unlabelled subject. For building multiple classifiers across a vast parameter space in a high-throughput manner, see pl.

Like fs methods, build methods have a top argument which allows the user to specify which features to feed INTO the model build. This effectively provides the user with one last opportunity to subset the feature space based on prior feature selection or dimension reduction. For all build methods, @preFilter and @reductionModel will get passed along to the resultant ExprsModel object, again ensuring that any test or validation sets will undergo the same feature selection and dimension reduction in the appropriate steps when deploying the model. Set top = 0 to pass all features through a build method.

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