extracat: Categorical Data Analysis and Visualization

Categorical Data Analysis and Visualization.

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AuthorAlexander Pilhoefer <alexander.pilhoefer@gmail.com>
Date of publication2015-11-21 16:49:01
MaintainerAlexander Pilhoefer <alexander.pilhoefer@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ahist: Histogram using active bins

approx.dcor: Distance Correlation Approximation

arsim: block-structured arrays

barysort: row and column moment reordering

BCC: The Bertin Classification Criterion

BCI: The Bertin Classification Index

Burt: Burt atrix

carcustomers: The car customers dataset from 1983

CBCI: The Conditional Independence Bertin Classification Index

cfcl: Extract clusters from cfluctile

cfluctile: Pseudo-Diagonal Partitioning for two-way tables

cmat: pairwise association matrix

cohen: Cohens Kappa for rectangular matrices

combcl: Combine categorical variables from cfluctile and cflcl

CPScluster: Clusterings for the US Current Population Survey.

cutbw: Active binning

dcor: Weighted Distance Correlation

dcorMVdata: Multivariate Distance Correlation for two sets of variables

dcorMVtable: Multivariate Distance Correlation for two sets of variables

dendro: Waterfall Dendrogram

dmc: dmc 2009 insurance variables

extracat: Categorical Data Analysis and Visualization

facetshade: facetshade

fluctile: fluctuation diagrams

GeneEx: Gene Expression Data

getbw: Active binning

getcolors: Create a color vector

getIs: ME reordering for biclust objects.

getIs2: ME reordering for biclust objects.

getpath: Path extracation from quickfechner objects


heattile: Heatmap with Biclusters

hexpie: Hexagonal Binning and Piecharts

idat: indicator dataframe

ihcrit: The Weighted Bertin Classification Index

imat: indicator variables

innerval: Interval boundaries

itab: Independence Table

JBCI: The Joint Bertin Classification Index

kendalls: Kendalls Tau for a matrix

ME: Measure of Effectiveness

olives: olive oil fatty acids

optile: Reordering Categorical Data

optME: Optimizing ME

plants: Plants

qBCI: Quantile BCI

quickfechner: fechnerian scaling

regmax: Regular maximality

rmb: Multiple Barchart for relative frequencies and generalized...

rmbmat: Pairwise RMB-Plots

scpcp: Static Categorical Parallel Coordinates Plot

setcover: greedy setcover optimisation

sortandcut: Sort-and-Cut Reordering

steptile: stepwise reordering

subtable: data.frame reduction

subtree: subtrees

tfluctile: Fluctuation diagram with additional dendrograms

untableSet: data.frame conversion

USR: MovieLens USER data

visid: Visualizing Indicator Matrices and Missing Values


ahist Man page
approx.dcor Man page
arsim Man page
barysort Man page
BCC Man page
BCI Man page
Burt Man page
carcustomers Man page
CBCI Man page
cfcl Man page
cfluctile Man page
cmat Man page
cohen Man page
combcl Man page
CPScluster Man page
cutbw Man page
dcorMVdata Man page
dcorMVtable Man page
dendro Man page
dmc Man page
extracat Man page
facetshade Man page
fluctile Man page
GeneEx Man page
getbw Man page
getcolors Man page
getIs Man page
getIs2 Man page
getpath Man page
gsac Man page
heattile Man page
hexpie Man page
idat Man page
imat Man page
innerval Man page
itab Man page
JBCI Man page
kendalls Man page
ME Man page
olives Man page
optile Man page
optile.list Man page
optME Man page
plants Man page
qBCI Man page
qBCI.data.frame Man page
qBCI.default Man page
quickfechner Man page
regmax Man page
regmin Man page
rmb Man page
rmb.formula Man page
rmb.ftable Man page
rmb.glm Man page
rmbmat Man page
rmb.table Man page
scpcp Man page
setcover Man page
sortandcut Man page
steptile Man page
subtable Man page
subtree Man page
tfluctile Man page
untableSet Man page
USR Man page
visdf Man page
visid Man page
visna Man page
WBCI Man page
wdcor Man page
wdcor.data.frame Man page
wdcor.default Man page
wdcor.table Man page


R/fechner.R R/untableSet.R R/fluctuations2.R R/load.R R/JCBCI.R R/kendalls.R R/subtree.R R/getbw.R R/GSAC.R R/steptile.R R/checkTRINEQ.R R/fastRcrit.R R/wdcor.R R/rmbmat2.R R/arsim.R R/optile_skeleton.r R/barysort.R R/hexpie2.R R/fluctuations.R R/qBCI.R R/sortandcut.R R/facetshade.R R/simmich.R R/sortca.R R/tfluctile.r R/scpcp.R R/getcolors.R R/circutile.R R/rmb.R R/auxiliar.R R/cfcl.R R/caclust.R R/heattile.R R/imatdat.R R/dendr.R R/subtable.R R/getsets.R R/chidist.R R/visid.R
man/dendro.Rd man/facetshade.Rd man/Burt.Rd man/olives.Rd
man/ihcrit.Rd man/rmbmat.Rd man/cohen.Rd
man/subtree.Rd man/arsim.Rd man/JBCI.Rd man/BCC.Rd man/USR.Rd man/cmat.Rd man/CBCI.Rd man/rmb.Rd man/getbw.Rd man/idat.Rd man/quickfechner.Rd man/tfluctile.Rd man/approx.dcor.Rd man/visid.Rd man/optME.Rd man/dcorMVdata.Rd man/getIs.Rd man/cfcl.Rd man/kendalls.Rd man/imat.Rd man/carcustomers.Rd man/cfluctile.Rd man/dcorMVtable.Rd man/heattile.Rd man/cutbw.Rd man/dmc.Rd man/combcl.Rd man/ME.Rd man/setcover.Rd man/extracat.Rd man/CPScluster.Rd man/sortandcut.Rd man/ahist.Rd man/optile.Rd man/dcor.Rd man/GeneEx.Rd man/regmax.Rd man/GSAC.Rd man/itab.Rd man/untableSet.Rd man/subtable.Rd
man/fluctile.Rd man/hexpie.Rd man/innerval.Rd man/scpcp.Rd man/getcolors.Rd man/getIs2.Rd man/getpath.Rd man/steptile.Rd man/plants.Rd man/qBCI.Rd man/BCI.Rd man/barysort.Rd

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