Man pages for extracat
Categorical Data Analysis and Visualization

ahistHistogram using active bins
approx.dcorDistance Correlation Approximation
arsimblock-structured arrays
barysortrow and column moment reordering
BCCThe Bertin Classification Criterion
BCIThe Bertin Classification Index
BurtBurt atrix
carcustomersThe car customers dataset from 1983
CBCIThe Conditional Independence Bertin Classification Index
cfclExtract clusters from cfluctile
cfluctilePseudo-Diagonal Partitioning for two-way tables
cmatpairwise association matrix
cohenCohens Kappa for rectangular matrices
combclCombine categorical variables from cfluctile and cflcl
CPSclusterClusterings for the US Current Population Survey.
cutbwActive binning
dcorWeighted Distance Correlation
dcorMVdataMultivariate Distance Correlation for two sets of variables
dcorMVtableMultivariate Distance Correlation for two sets of variables
dendroWaterfall Dendrogram
dmcdmc 2009 insurance variables
ecoADAC Eco test data
extracatCategorical Data Analysis and Visualization
fluctilefluctuation diagrams
GeneExGene Expression Data
getbwActive binning
getcolorsCreate a color vector
getIsME reordering for biclust objects.
getIs2ME reordering for biclust objects.
getpathPath extracation from quickfechner objects
heattileHeatmap with Biclusters
hexpieHexagonal Binning and Piecharts
idatindicator dataframe
ihcritThe Weighted Bertin Classification Index
imatindicator variables
innervalInterval boundaries
itabIndependence Table
JBCIThe Joint Bertin Classification Index
kendallsKendalls Tau for a matrix
MEMeasure of Effectiveness
MJnewExample Matrix Data
olivesolive oil fatty acids
optileReordering Categorical Data
optMEOptimizing ME
qBCIQuantile BCI
quickfechnerfechnerian scaling
regmaxRegular maximality
rmbMultiple Barchart for relative frequencies and generalized...
rmbmatPairwise RMB-Plots
scpcpStatic Categorical Parallel Coordinates Plot
setcovergreedy setcover optimisation
sortandcutSort-and-Cut Reordering
steptilestepwise reordering
subtabledata.frame reduction
tfluctileFluctuation diagram with additional dendrograms
untableSetdata.frame conversion
USRMovieLens USER data
visidVisualizing Indicator Matrices and Missing Values
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