two.groups: Data set on negative interactions A simulated dataset, mimicking the study performed by Eichelsheim et al. (2011) who investigated whether there are differences in patterns of negativity between families with and without an adolescent with externalizing problem behavior. The problematic and nonproblematic group consist of 120 and 153 four-person families, respectively. This dataset contains a measures of negativity for each of the 12 relationships. Four roles are present: Mothers "M", fathers "F", the asolescent with externalizing problem behavior "T", and the adolescent sibling without problem behavior "S". A wide version of the same data set is in two.groups.wide.


The variables are as follows:




A data frame with 3276 rows and 6 variables (273 families with 4 members each, round-robin design)



Eichelsheim, V. I., Buist, K. L., Dekovic, M., Cook, W. L., Manders, W., Branje, S. J. T., et al. (2011). Negativity in problematic and nonproblematic families: A multigroup social relations model analysis with structured means. Journal of Family Psychology, 25, 152-6. DOI: 10.1037/a0022450.

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