two.groups: Data set on negative interactions A simulated dataset,...

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The variables are as follows:




A data frame with 3276 rows and 6 variables (273 families with 4 members each, round-robin design)


  • An indicator for the family.

  • An indicator for the perceiver, either "M", "F", "T", or "S".

  • An indicator for the target, either "M", "F", "T", or "S".

  • group An indicator for the group, 1 represents the problematic families and 2 the nonproblematic families.

  • neg Negativity measure.


Eichelsheim, V. I., Buist, K. L., Dekovic, M., Cook, W. L., Manders, W., Branje, S. J. T., et al. (2011). Negativity in problematic and nonproblematic families: A multigroup social relations model analysis with structured means. Journal of Family Psychology, 25, 152-6. DOI: 10.1037/a0022450.

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