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Corn Yield


William Gosset analyzed data from an experiment comparing the yield of regular and kiln-dried corn.


A data frame with 11 observations on the following 2 variables.

  • reg yield of regular corn (lbs/acre)

  • kiln yield of kiln-dried corn (lbs/acre)


Gosset (Student) reported on the results of seeding plots with two different kinds of seed. Each type of seed (regular and kiln-dried) was planted in adjacent plots, accounting for 11 pairs of "split" plots.


These data are also available at DASL, the data and story library (


W.S. Gosset, "The Probable Error of a Mean," Biometrika, 6 (1908), pp 1-25.


Corn2 <- stack(Corn)
names(Corn2) <- c('yield','treatment')
lm(yield ~ treatment, data = Corn2)
t.test(yield ~ treatment, data = Corn2)
t.test(Corn$reg, Corn$kiln)

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