Man pages for fastRG
Sample Generalized Random Dot Product Graphs in Linear Time

dcsbmCreate an undirected degree corrected stochastic blockmodel...
directed_erdos_renyiCreate an directed erdos renyi object
directed_factor_modelCreate a directed factor model graph
erdos_renyiCreate an undirected erdos renyi object
expected_edgesCalculate the expected edges in Poisson RDPG graph
planted_partitionCreate an undirected planted partition object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sample_edgelistSample a random edgelist from a random dot product graph
sample_edgelist.matrixLow level interface to sample RPDG edgelists
sample_igraphSample a random dot product graph as an igraph graph
sample_sparseSample a random dot product graph as a sparse Matrix
sample_tidygraphSample a random dot product graph as a tidygraph graph
sbmCreate an undirected stochastic blockmodel object
undirected_factor_modelCreate an undirected factor model graph
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