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This function runs a demo for fastcmh, by first creating a sample data set and then running fastcmh on this data set.


demofastcmh(saveToFolder = FALSE, folder = NULL)



A flag indicating whether or not the data files created for the demo should be saved to file. The default is FALSE, i.e. no files are saved to the folder. The only reason to save demo data to a folder is for the user to be able to have a look at the files after the demo.


The folder in which the data for the demo will be saved. Default is the current directory, "./". The demo data will created in folder/data and the results will be saved in folder/results as an RData file.


This function will first create a sample data set in folder/data, and will then run runfastcmh on this data set, before saving the each step showing the R code that can be used to do the step, then running that R code, and then waiting for the user to press enter before moving onto the next step. If saveToFolder=FALSE, (default) then no files are saved and all the results are kept in memory.

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