Man pages for faux
Simulation for Factorial Designs

add_betweenAdd between factors
add_contrastAdd a contrast to a data frame
add_randomAdd random factors to a data structure
add_ranefAdd random effects to a data frame
add_recodeRecode a categorical column
add_withinAdd within factors
average_r2tau_0Average r to Random Intercept SD
beta2normConvert beta to normal
binom2normConvert binomial to normal
cell_combosCell combos
check_designValidates the specified design
check_mixed_designGet random intercepts for subjects and items
codebookCreate PsychDS Codebook from Data
codebook_interactiveInteractive Codebook
contr_code_anovaAnova code a factor
contr_code_differenceDifference code a factor
contr_code_helmertHelmert code a factor
contr_code_polyPolynomial code a factor
contr_code_sumSum code a factor
contr_code_treatmentTreatment code a factor
convert_paramConvert parameter
cormatMake a correlation matrix
cormat_from_triangleMake Correlation Matrix from Triangle
faceratingsAttractiveness ratings of faces
fauxfaux: Simulation Functions.
faux_optionsSet/get global faux options
fix_name_labelsFix name labels
fr4Attractiveness rating subset
gamma2normConvert gamma to normal
getcolsGet data columns
get_designGet design
get_design_longGet design from long data
get_paramsGet parameters from a data table
interactive_designSet design interactively
is_pos_defCheck a Matrix is Positive Definite
json_designConvert design to JSON
long2wideConvert data from long to wide format
make_idMake ID
messageLess scary green messages
messySimulate missing data
nested_listOutput a nested list in RMarkdown list format
norm2betaConvert normal to beta
norm2binomConvert normal to binomial
norm2gammaConvert normal to gamma
norm2likertConvert normal to likert
norm2poisConvert normal to poisson
norm2truncConvert normal to truncated normal
norm2unifConvert normal to uniform
ORPiped OR
pipePipe operator
plot_designPlot design
pos_def_limitsLimits on Missing Value for Positive Definite Matrix
print.designPrint Design List
print.nested_listPrint Nested List
print.psychds_codebookPrint Codebook Object
readline_checkCheck readline input
rnorm_multiMultiple correlated normal distributions
rnorm_preMake a normal vector correlated to existing vectors
sample_from_popSample Parameters from Population Parameters
set_designSet design
sim_dataSimulate data from design (internal)
sim_designSimulate data from design
sim_dfSimulate an existing dataframe
sim_joint_distSimulate category joint distribution
sim_mixed_ccGenerate a cross-classified sample
sim_mixed_dfGenerate a mixed design from existing data
std_alpha2average_rStandardized Alpha to Average R
trunc2normConvert truncated normal to normal
unif2normConvert uniform to normal
unique_pairsMake unique pairs of level names for correlations
wide2longConvert data from wide to long format
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