Man pages for fds
Functional data sets

AusmortalityAustralia and Australian state mortality rates
BiscuitBiscuit dough piece data
CancerrateBreast Cancer Data
ECBYieldcurveYield curve data spot rate
ElectricityconsumptionElectricity consumption time series
ElectricitydemandElectricity demand in Adelaide
FatFat content spectrometric data
fds-packageFunctional data sets
FedYieldcurveFederal Reserve interest rate
hmdcountryFunction to read a bundle of data sets from the Human...
hmdstatisticFunction to read a bundle of data sets from the Human...
MoistureMoisture content spectrometric data
OctaneOctane content spectrometric data
PhonemePhoneme data
PigweightPig weight data
read.hmdFunction to read data sets from the Human Mortality Database
SatelliteSatellite topex/poseidon
SAtempTemperatures in South Australia
SOIAnnual Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) for the period...
SpanishmigrationSpanish migration from 1999 to 2003
YieldcurveUS: Treasury bond
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