fds-package: Functional data sets

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This package contains a list of functional time series, sliced functional time series, and functional data sets. Functional time series is a special type of functional data observed over time. Sliced functional time series is a special type of functional time series with a time variable observed over time.


Han Lin Shang and Rob J Hyndman

Maintainer: Han Lin Shang <[email protected]>


R. J. Hyndman and H. L. Shang. (2010) "Rainbow plots, bagplots, and boxplots for functional data", Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 19(1), 29-45.

R. J. Hyndman and H. L. Shang (2009) "Forecasting functional time series (with discussion)", Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, 38(3), 199-221.

H. L. Shang and R. J. Hyndman (2009) "Nonparametric time series forecasting with dynamic updating", Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 81(7), 1310-1324.

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