Man pages for ff
Memory-Efficient Storage of Large Data on Disk and Fast Access Functions

addIncrementing an ff or ram object
array2vectorArray: make vector from array
arrayIndex2vectorIndexArray: make vector positions from array index
as.ffCoercing ram to ff and ff to ram objects
as.ff.bitConversion between bit and ff boolean
as.ffdfCoercing to ffdf and data.frame
as.hiHybrid Index, coercion to
as.integer.hiHybrid Index, coercing from
as.vmodeCoercing to virtual mode
bigsampleSampling from large pools
CFUNCollapsing functions for batch processing
chunk.ffdfChunk ff_vector and ffdf
clone.ffCloning ff and ram objects
clone.ffdfCloning ffdf objects
close.ffClosing ff files
deleteDeleting the file behind an ff object
dim.ffGetting and setting dim and dimorder
dimnames.ffGetting and setting dimnames
dimnames.ffdfGetting and setting dimnames of ffdf
dimorderCompatibleTest for dimorder compatibility
dummy.dimnamesArray: make dimnames
Extract.ffReading and writing vectors and arrays (high-level)
Extract.ffdfReading and writing data.frames (ffdf)
ffff classes for representing (large) atomic data
ffapplyApply for ff objects
ffconformGet most conforming argument
ffdfff class for data.frames
ffdfindexgetReading and writing ffdf data.frame using ff subscripts
ffdfsortSorting: convenience wrappers for data.frames
ffdropDelete an ffarchive
ffindexgetReading and writing ff vectors using ff subscripts
ffindexorderSorting: chunked ordering of integer suscript positions
ffinfoInspect content of ff saves
ffloadReload ffSaved Datasets
fforderSorting: order from ff vectors
ffreturnReturn suitable ff object
ffsaveSave R and ff objects
ffsortSorting of ff vectors
ffsuitableTest ff object for suitability
ffxtensionsTest for availability of ff extensions
filenameGet or set filename
file.resizeChange size of move an existing file
finalizeCall finalizer
finalizerGet and set finalizer (name)
fixdiagTest for fixed diagonal
Forbidden_ffdfForbidden ffdf functions
geterror.ffGet error and error string
getpagesizeGet page size information
getset.ffReading and writing vectors of values (low-level)
hiHybrid index class
hiparseHybrid Index, parsing
Internal_ffdfInternal ffdf functions
is.ffTest for class ff
is.ffdfTest for class ff
is.openTest if object is opened
is.readonlyGet readonly status
is.sortedGetting and setting 'is.sorted' physical attribute
length.ffGetting and setting length
length.ffdfGetting length of a ffdf dataframe
length.hiHybrid Index, querying
levels.ffGetting and setting factor levels
LimWarnff Limitations and Warnings
matcombArray: make matrix indices from row and columns positions
matprintPrint beginning and end of big matrix
maxffmodeLossless vmode coercability
maxlengthGet physical length of an ff or ram object
mismatchTest for recycle mismatch
na.countGetting and setting 'na.count' physical attribute
names.ffGetting and setting names
nrowAssignAssigning the number of rows or columns
open.ffOpening an ff file
pagesizePagesize of ff object
physical.ffGetting and setting physical and virtual attributes of ff...
physical.ffdfGetting physical and virtual attributes of ffdf objects
print.ffPrint and str methods
ram2ffcodeFactor codings
ramattribsGet ramclass and ramattribs
ramorder.defaultSorting: order R vector in-RAM and in-place
ramsort.defaultSorting: Sort R vector in-RAM and in-place
read.table.ffdfImporting csv files into ff data.frames
readwrite.ffReading and writing vectors (low-level)
regtest.fforderSorting: regression tests
repnamReplicate with names
sortLevelsFactor level manipulation
splitPathFileAnalyze pathfile-strings
swapReading and writing in one operation (high-level)
symmetricTest for symmetric structure
symmIndex2vectorIndexArray: make vector positions from symmetric array index
unclass_-Unclassed assignement
unsortHybrid Index, internal utilities
update.ffUpdate ff content from another object
vecprintPrint beginning and end of big vector
vector2arrayArray: make array from vector
vectorIndex2arrayIndexArray: make array from index vector positions
vector.vmodeCreate vector of virtual mode
vmodeVirtual storage mode
vmode.ffdfVirtual storage mode of ffdf
vtVirtual transpose
vwGetting and setting virtual windows
write.table.ffdfExporting csv files from ff data.frames
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