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Handling HL7 FHIR Resources in R

datasets_for_postToy examples to POST/PUT on a server
datasets_realExemplary FHIR bundles
datasets_selfmadeToy example bundles for multiple entries
fhir_authenticateCreate token for Authentication
fhir_body-classAn s4 class to represent a body for a POST to a FHIR server
fhir_body-methodsCreate fhir_body object
fhir_build_bundle-methodsBuild a FHIR bundle
fhir_build_resourceBuild a single FHIR resource
fhir_bundle-classAn S4 class to represent FHIR bundles
fhir_bundle_listCreate fhir_bundle_list object
fhir_bundle_list-classS4 class to represent a list of FHIR bundles
fhir_bundle_serialized-classAn S4 class to represent a FHIR bundle in serialized form
fhir_bundle_xmlCreate fhir_bundle_xml object
fhir_bundle_xml-classAn S4 class to represent a FHIR bundle in xml form
fhir_canonical_designRetrieve design of last call to fhir_crack
fhir_capability_statementGet capability statement
fhir_castCast table with multiple entries This function divides...
fhir_columns-classA S4 class to represent columns in a fhir_table_description
fhir_columns-methodsCreate fhir_columns object
fhir_common_columnsFind common columns
fhir_count_resourceGet Resources' Counts
fhir_crack-methodsFlatten list of FHIR bundles
fhir_current_requestReturn FHIR search request used in last call to...
fhir_design-classA S4 class containing a design for 'fhir_crack()'
fhir_design-methodsCreate a fhir_design object
fhir_df_list-classList of data.frames as returned by 'fhir_crack()'
fhir_dt_list-classList of data.tables as returned by 'fhir_crack()'
fhir_get_resource_idsGet Resources' IDs
fhir_get_resources_by_idsGet Resources by their IDs
fhir_loadLoad bundles from xml-files
fhir_load_designLoad design from xml
fhir_meltMelt multiple entries
fhir_next_bundle_urlNext Bundle's URL
fhir_post-methodsPOST to a FHIR server
fhir_putPUT to a FHIR server
fhir_recent_http_errorReturn most recent http error from 'fhir_search()'
fhir_resource-classAn S4 class to represent FHIR resources
fhir_resource_serialized-classAn S4 class to represent a FHIR resource in serialized form
fhir_resource_typeCreate fhir_resource_type object
fhir_resource_type-classA representation of a FHIR resource type
fhir_resource_xml-classAn S4 class to represent a FHIR resource in xml form
fhir_resource_xml-methodsCreate fhir_resource_xml object
fhir_rm_divRemove html elements
fhir_rm_indicesRemove indices from data.frame/data.table
fhir_rm_tag-methodsRemove a certain xml tag
fhir_sample_resourcesRandomly sample resources from a FHIR server
fhir_sample_resources_by_idsDownload a random sample of resources from a vector of...
fhir_saveSave FHIR bundles as xml-files
fhir_save_designWrite design to xml
fhir_searchDownload FHIR search result
fhir_serialize-methodsSerialize a fhir_bundle, fhir_bundle_list or fhir_resource
fhir_styleCreate fhir_style object
fhir_style-classAn S4 class to represent a design for cracking FHIR resources
fhir_table_descriptionCreate fhir_table_description object
fhir_table_description-classA S4 class describing the form of a table produced by...
fhir_treeRepresent a wide cast table as a tree
fhir_unserialize-methodsUnserialize a fhir_bundle, fhir_bundle_list or fhir_resource
fhir_url-classAn S4 object to represent a URL for a FHIR server
fhir_url-methodsCreate FHIR URL
fhir_xpath_expressionCreate fhir_xpath_expression
fhir_xpath_expression-classAn S4 class for xpath_expressions Objects of this class are...
pastepConcatenate paths
paste_pathsConcatenate two paths
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