Man pages for filesstrings
Handy File and String Manipulation

all_equalAn alternative version of 'base::all.equal()'.
before_last_dotGet the part of a string before the last period.
can_be_numericCheck if a string could be considered as numeric.
create_dirCreate directories if they don't already exist
currencyGet the currencies of numbers within a string.
extend_char_vecPad a character vector with empty strings.
extract_non_numericsExtract non-numbers from a string.
extract_numbersExtract numbers from a string.
filesstrings'filesstrings': handy file and string manipulation
group_closeGroup together close adjacent elements of a vector.
locate_bracesLocate the braces in a string.
match_argArgument Matching
move_filesMove files around.
nice_file_numsMake file numbers comply with alphabetical order
nth_number_after_mthFind the 'n'th number after the 'm'th occurrence of a...
nth_number_before_mthFind the 'n'th number before the 'm'th occurrence of a...
put_in_posPut specified strings in specified positions in an otherwise...
remove_dirRemove directories
remove_filename_spacesRemove spaces in file names
rename_with_numsReplace file names with numbers
str_after_nthText after the 'n'th occurrence of pattern.
str_before_nthText before the 'n'th occurrence of pattern.
str_elemExtract a single character from a string, using its index.
str_elemsExtract several single elements from a string.
str_give_extEnsure a file name has the intended extension.
str_locate_nthGet the indices of the nth instance of a pattern.
str_nice_numsMake string numbers comply with alphabetical order.
str_paste_elemsExtract bits of a string and paste them together.
str_remove_quotedRemove the quoted parts of a string.
str_singleizeRemove back-to-back duplicates of a pattern in a string.
str_split_by_numsSplit a string by its numeric characters.
str_split_camel_caseSplit a string based on CamelCase
str_to_vecConvert a string to a vector of characters
str_trim_anythingTrim something other than whitespace.
unitize_dirsPut files with the same unit measurements into directories
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