flip: Multivariate Permutation Tests

It implements many univariate and multivariate permutation (and rotation) tests. Allowed tests: the t one and two samples, ANOVA, linear models, Chi Squared test, rank tests (i.e. Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis), Sign test and McNemar. Test on Linear Models are performed also in presence of covariates (i.e. nuisance parameters). The permutation and the rotation methods to get the null distribution of the test statistics are available. It also implements methods for multiplicity control such as Westfall-Young minP procedure and Closed Testing (Marcus, 1976) and k-FWER. Moreover, it allows to test for fixed effects in mixed effects models.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorLivio Finos, with contributions by Dario Basso, Aldo Solari, Jelle Goeman and Marco Rinaldo. Special thanks are due to Ivan Marin-Franch and Fredrik Nilsson for the debugging and the good questions.
Date of publication2014-06-12 11:28:57
MaintainerLivio Finos <livio@stat.unipd.it>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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allpermutations Man page
.allpermutations Man page
arrayOrNULL Man page
arrayOrNULL-class Man page
cFlip Man page
data.frameOrNULL Man page
data.frameOrNULL-class Man page
.dependence.nptest Man page
draw Man page
flip Man page
flip.adjust Man page
flipMix Man page
flipMixWithin Man page
flip.npc.methods Man page
[,flip.object,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
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flip-package Man page
flip.statTest Man page
.getAlternative Man page
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.getNull Man page
.getXY Man page
hist,flip.object-method Man page
length,flip.object-method Man page
.makeContrasts Man page
make.permSpace Man page
make.signSpace Man page
names<-,flip.object-method Man page
names,flip.object-method Man page
npc Man page
npermutations Man page
.npermutations Man page
numericOrmatrixOrNULL Man page
numericOrmatrixOrNULL-class Man page
obs2coeffWithin Man page
orthoZ Man page
p.adjust,flip.object-method Man page
.PermSpaceMatchInput Man page
permutationSpace Man page
plot Man page
plot,flip.object-method Man page
p.value Man page
p.value,flip.object-method Man page
result Man page
result,flip.object-method Man page
rom Man page
.setTail Man page
show,flip.object-method Man page
size Man page
size,flip.object-method Man page
sort,flip.object-method Man page
summary,flip.object-method Man page
.symmetry.nptest Man page
t2p Man page

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