forensim: Statistical tools for the interpretation of forensic DNA mixtures

Statistical methods and simulation tools for the interpretation of forensic DNA mixtures

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AuthorHinda Haned <>
Date of publication2013-09-15 18:24:52
MaintainerHinda Haned <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

A2.simu: A Tcl/Tk graphical user interface for simple DNA mixtures...

A3.simu: A Tcl/Tk graphical user interface for simple DNA mixtures...

A4.simu: A Tcl/Tk graphical user interface for simple DNA mixtures...

accessors: Accessors for forensim objects

as.simugeno: simugeno constructor

as.simumix: simumix constructor

as.tabfreq: tabfreq constructor

changepop: Function to change population-related information in forensim...

Cmn: The number of all possible combinations of m elements among n...

comb: Generate all possible combinations of m elements among n with...

dataL: Generic formula of the likelihood of the observed alleles in...

findfreq: Finds the allele frequencies of a mixture from a tabfreq...

findmax: Function to find the maximum of a vector and its position

forensim.package: The forensim package

Hbsimu: A Tcl/Tk simulator of the heterozygous balance

lik: Likelihood of the observed alleles at different loci in a DNA...

likestim: Maximum likelihood estimation of the number of contributors...

likestim.loc: Maximum likelihood estimation per locus of the number of...

likEvid: Likelihood of DNA evidence conditioned on a given hypothesis

lik.loc: Likelihood per locus of the observed alleles in a DNA mixture...

LR: Likelihood ratio for DNA evidence interpretation (2): a...

LRmixTK: GUI for the LR function

mastermix: A Tcl/Tk graphical user interface for simple DNA mixtures...

mincontri: Minimum number of contributors required to explain a forensic...

N2error: Calculates exact error for maximum allele count for two...

N2Exact: Calculates exact allele distribution for 2 contributors

naomitab: Handling of missing values in a data frame

nball: Number of alleles in a mixture

ngm: Allele frequencies for the new generation markers NGM, for...

PE: The random man exclusion probability

PV: Predictive value of the maximum likelihood estimator of the...

sgmNorway: Allele frequencies for the new generation markers sgm, for...

simMixSNP: Simulates SNP mixtures

simPCR2: Polymorphism chain reaction simulation model

simPCR2TK: A Tcl/Tk graphical interface for the polymorphism chain...

simufreqD: Function to simulate allele frequencies for independent loci...

simugeno: forensim class for simluated genotypes

simumix: forensim class for DNA mixtures

simupopD: Simulate multi-population allele frequencies for independent...

strusa: Allele frequencies for 15 autosomal short tandem repeats core...

strveneto: Population study of three miniSTR loci in Veneto (Italy)

tabfreq: forensim class for population allele frequencies

Tu: Allele frequencies of 15 autosomal short tandem repeats loci...

virClasses: Virtual classes for forensim

wrapdataL: ML estimate of number of contributors for SNPs


A2.simu Man page
A3.simu Man page
A4.simu Man page
as.simugeno Man page
as.simumix Man page
as.tabfreq Man page
changepop Man page
characterOrNULL-class Man page
Cmn Man page
comb Man page
dataL Man page
factorOrNULL-class Man page
findfreq Man page
findmax Man page
forensim Man page
forensim-package Man page
Hbsimu Man page
is.simugeno Man page
is.simumix Man page
is.tabfreq Man page
lik Man page
likestim Man page
likestim.loc Man page
likEvid Man page
lik.loc Man page
listOrdataframe-class Man page
LR Man page
LRmixTK Man page
mastermix Man page
matrixOrdataframe-class Man page
mincontri Man page
N2error Man page
N2Exact Man page
names,simugeno-method Man page
names,simumix-method Man page
names,tabfreq-method Man page
naomitab Man page
nball Man page
ngm Man page
PE Man page
print,simugeno-method Man page
print,simumix-method Man page
print,tabfreq-method Man page
PV Man page
sgmNorway Man page
show,simugeno-method Man page
show,simumix-method Man page
show,tabfreq-method Man page
simMixSNP Man page
simPCR2 Man page
simPCR2TK Man page
simufreqD Man page
simugeno Man page
simugeno-class Man page
$<-,simugeno-method Man page
$,simugeno-method Man page
simugeno-methods Man page
simumix Man page
simumix-class Man page
$<-,simumix-method Man page
$,simumix-method Man page
simumix-methods Man page
simupopD Man page
strusa Man page
strveneto Man page
tabfreq Man page
tabfreq-class Man page
$<-,tabfreq-method Man page
$,tabfreq-method Man page
tabfreq-methods Man page
Tu Man page
vectorOrdataframe-class Man page
vectorOrNULL-class Man page
wrapdataL Man page

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