Man pages for fpc
Flexible Procedures for Clustering

adcoordAsymmetric discriminant coordinates
ancoordAsymmetric neighborhood based discriminant coordinates
awcoordAsymmetric weighted discriminant coordinates
batcoordBhattacharyya discriminant projection
bhattacharyya.distBhattacharyya distance between Gaussian distributions
bhattacharyya.matrixMatrix of pairwise Bhattacharyya distances
calinharaCalinski-Harabasz index
canGeneration of the tuning constant for regression fixed point...
cat2binRecode nominal variables to binary variables
cdbwCDbw-index for cluster validation
classifdistClassification of unclustered points
clucolsSets of colours and symbols for cluster plotting
clujaccardJaccard similarity between logical vectors
clusexpectExpected value of the number of times a fixed point cluster...
clusterbootClusterwise cluster stability assessment by resampling
cluster.statsCluster validation statistics
cluster.varstatsVariablewise statistics for clusters
cmahalGeneration of tuning constant for Mahalanobis fixed point...
concompConnectivity components of an undirected graph
confusionMisclassification probabilities in mixtures
cov.wmlWeighted Covariance Matrices (Maximum Likelihood)
cvnnCluster validation based on nearest neighbours
cweightWeight function for AWC
dbscanDBSCAN density reachability and connectivity clustering
dipp.tantrumSimulates p-value for dip test
diptest.multiDiptest for discriminant coordinate projection
discrcoordDiscriminant coordinates/canonical variates
discrete.recodeRecodes mixed variables dataset
discrprojLinear dimension reduction for classification
distancefactorFactor for dissimilarity of mixed type data
distcritmultiDistance based validity criteria for large data sets
dridgelineDensity along the ridgeline
dudahart2Duda-Hart test for splitting
extract.mixtureparsExtract parameters for certain components from mclust
findrepFinding representatives for cluster border
fixmahalMahalanobis Fixed Point Clusters
fixregLinear Regression Fixed Point Clusters
flexmixedrunsFitting mixed Gaussian/multinomial mixtures with flexmix
fpclustersExtracting clusters from fixed point cluster objects
fpc-packagefpc package overview
itnumberNumber of regression fixed point cluster iterations
jittervarJitter variables in a data matrix
kmeansCBIInterface functions for clustering methods
kmeansrunsk-means with estimating k and initialisations
lcmixedflexmix method for mixed Gaussian/multinomial mixtures
localshapeLocal shape matrix
mahalanodiscMahalanobis for AWC
mahalanofixMahalanobis distances from center of indexed points
mahalconfMahalanobis fixed point clusters initial configuration
mergenormalsClustering by merging Gaussian mixture components
mergeparametersNew parameters from merging two Gaussian mixture components
minsizeMinimum size of regression fixed point cluster
mixdensDensity of multivariate Gaussian mixture, mclust...
mixpredictivePrediction strength of merged Gaussian mixture
mvdcoordMean/variance differences discriminant coordinates
ncoordNeighborhood based discriminant coordinates
negincNeg-entropy normality index for cluster validation
nselectbootSelection of the number of clusters via bootstrap
pamkPartitioning around medoids with estimation of number of...
piridgeRidgeline Pi-function
piridge.zeroesExtrema of two-component Gaussian mixture
plotclusterDiscriminant projection plot.
prediction.strengthPrediction strength for estimating number of clusters
randcmatrixRandom partition matrix
randconfGenerate a sample indicator vector
regmixMixture Model ML for Clusterwise Linear Regression
rFace"Face-shaped" clustered benchmark datasets
ridgelineRidgeline computation
ridgeline.diagnosisRidgeline plots, ratios and unimodality
simmatrixExtracting intersections between clusters from fpc-object
solvecovInversion of (possibly singular) symmetric matrices
ssegPosition in a similarity vector
tdecompRoot of singularity-corrected eigenvalue decomposition
tonedataTone perception data
unimodal.indIs a fitted denisity unimodal or not?
weightplotsOrdered posterior plots
wfuWeight function (for Mahalabobis distances)
xtablePartition crosstable with empty clusters
zmisclassification.matrixMatrix of misclassification probabilities between mixture...
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