Man pages for fptdApprox
Approximation of First-Passage-Time Densities for Diffusion Processes

Approx.cfpt.densityApproximating First-Passage-Time Densities for Conditioned...
Approx.fpt.densityApproximating First-Passage-Time Densities
diffprocDiffusion Processes
fptdApprox-packageApproximation of First-Passage-Time Densities for Diffusion...
FPTLFirst-Passage-Time Location Function
growth.intervalsStudying the Growth of a Vector
Integration.StepsSubintervals and Integration Steps To Approximate...
is.fpt.densityTesting for objects of class "fpt.density"
plot.fpt.densityPlotting Method for fpt.density Objects
plot.fptlPlotting Method for fptl Objects
print.fpt.densityPrinting First-Passage-Time Densities
reportWriting a Report of an Object
report.fpt.densityWriting a Report of a fpt.density Object
report.summary.fptlWriting a Report of a summary.fptl Object
summary.fptlLocating a Conditioned First-Passage-Time Variable
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