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Efficient approximation of first-passage-time (f.p.t.) densities for diffusion processes based on the First-Passage-Time Location (FPTL) function.

For a complete list of functions, use library(help=“fptdApprox”).


Package: fptdApprox
Type: Package
Version: 2.2
Date: 2020-02-28
License: GPL-2
LazyLoad: yes

The fptdApprox package allows to approximate efficiently the f.p.t. density for a diffusion process through a continuous time-dependent boundary in the cases of conditioned and unconditioned f.p.t. problems.

For an unconditioned f.p.t. problem, a step by step study can be performed. First, the diffusion process under consideration must be defined by using the function diffproc. Then, the FPTL function will be used to calculate the FPTL function for the specified process and boundary. The information provided by the function is then extracted by the method summary.fptl and used to find the range of variation of the f.p.t. variable. Finally, such information is used by the function Approx.cfpt.density to obtain the approximation of the f.p.t. density.

In the general case (conditioned and unconditioned f.p.t. problems) the function Approx.fpt.density allows to obtain directly the approximate f.p.t. density.


Patricia Román-Román, Juan J. Serrano-Pérez and Francisco Torres-Ruiz.

Maintainer: Juan J. Serrano-Pérez, jjserra@ugr.es


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P. Román-Román, J.J. Serrano-Pérez, F. Torres-Ruiz. (2014) More general problems on first-passage times for diffusion processes: A new version of the fptdApprox R package. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 244, 432–446.

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