frailtySurv: General semiparametric shared frailty model

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frailtySurv provides a suite of functions for generating clustered survival data, fitting multivariate shared frailty models under a wide range of frailty distributions, and visualizing the output. The semi-parametric estimators have better asymptotic properties than most existing implementations, including consistent and asymptotically-normal estimators. Moreover, this is the first package that implements semi-parametric estimators with inverse Gaussian and PVF frailty models.

The frailtySurv package provides functions


Package: frailtySurv
Type: Package
Version: 1.2.0
Date: August 2015
License: LGPL-2
LazyLoad: Yes


John V. Monaco, Malka Gorfine, and Li Hsu.


Gorfine M, Zucker DM, Hsu L (2006) Prospective survival analysis with a general semiparametric shared frailty model: A pseudo full likelihood approach. Biometrika, 93(3), 735-741.

Zucker DM, Gorfine M, Hsu L (2008) Pseudo-full likelihood estimation for prospective survival analysis with a general semiparametric shared frailty model: Asymptotic theory. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 138(7), 1998-2016.

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